Where To Put Patches on a Biker Vest

Biker culture is known for its rebellious attitude, and nothing screams “biker” more than a black-leather vest.

Motorcycle patches are added to a motorcycle vest to represent a biker’s affiliations and express their individuality. But before you buy your patch, it’s good to know where to place them. That’s because wearing patches in the wrong places or inappropriately can disrespect other clubs.

Keep reading to learn the best motorcycle vest patch placements.

5 Best Motorcycle Vest Patch Placements

Biker patches are worn on motorcycle vests to showcase their membership. As they’re filled with meaning and tradition, it’s important to know proper placement.

Riders can also add other patches, adding a decorative element to express certain beliefs or passions they feel strongly about.

Here are the best places to embroider your motorcycle vest patch.


The visible collar offers prime real estate for your patch. In some cases, collar placement can signify a high-ranking member, such as the president or VP of the club. Other times, it represents a specific role within the organization, such as a sergeant-at-arms or road captain.

Front Chest

Generally, the left chest area is designated for the club’s logo, allowing others to instantly recognize your association.

Name patches are usually reserved for the left side of the chest, right over the heart, where you can display a chosen nickname. If you hold an office in your organization, the proper placement would be under your name.

The right side highlights personal achievements, such as events the rider has won or training curriculums and certifications completed.

Back Center

The back center is the largest area, offering ample space to display many custom motorcycle patches.

That said, it’s typically reserved for the club’s main patch, called “colors.” The colors patch represents your organization’s membership, which includes the club’s name, logo, and location.

However, you can add patches above the colors patch to show off various interests and beliefs. The back center shouldn’t include a club patch for anyone who isn’t a member of that organization.


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Side Panels

The side panels, like your arms and the sides of your rib cage, are perfect spots to add event or travel patches. Typically, motorcycle events feature vendors selling patches, so bikers can use that as memorabilia highlighting their history of participating in events.

You can add other affiliations that don’t directly compete with your club. For example, a patch of the American Motorcyclist Association would convey that you’re an avid rider that advocates the motorcycle lifestyle.

Lower Rocker

The lower rocker is commonly referred to as the bottom back portion of the vest. Many people choose to add a curved path that follows the shape of the vest’s bottom edge. It can be a great place to add lettering, such as a club slogan.

While there’s no hard and fast rule for the lower rocker area, many bikers may add memorial patches for deceased members. They may start a row along the bottom back of their vest and add to the row when necessary. However, some bikers will choose to scatter their memorial patches around their vest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Put Biker Patches?

Biker patches are placed on the vest or jacket. This is the only location for displaying patches within the biking community. It allows for easily recognizing personal statements, rider affiliations, and achievements. While you may be tempted to place lettering or logos on your saddlebag or fuel tank, don’t!

Create Your Own Motorcycle Patches With The/Studio!

If you’re a part of the biker community, you know that patches go beyond just pieces of clothing. Patches are a part of the fabric of this community, with some patches even being passed down by generation.

By now, you know the proper placements of patches on a biker vest to ensure you respect the tradition and your affiliated organization.

If you want to create your own custom biker patches, check out The/Studio!



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