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Why Choose a Large Embroidered Patch?


All embroidered patches are classics, but large embroidered patches offer unique benefits! Here’s why.

We help customers design and create seven different types of custom patches at The/Studio, but embroidered patches are our most popular by far! Made with fabric backing and textured threading, this iconic patch type results in a thick, durable patch that both looks and feels high quality. These patches can support designs for nine colors or more and are a great choice for just about any club, organization, or brand, from military units to motorcycle clubs, Scout troops, fashion brands, law enforcement, and fire departments.

But not all embroidered patches are small! Large embroidered patches (anywhere from 7 to 12 inches wide) are also a great choice, and there are many reasons why you should choose a bigger patch over a smaller one. Let’s dive in! 

custom large back patch

Why Choose a Large Embroidered Patch Over a Small One?

There are several reasons why you would choose a large embroidered patch over a small embroidered patch. We’ll cover a few of the most common ones below.

If you belong to a motorcycle club

Almost all motorcycle clubs wear large back patches on the back of their jackets and vests, typically displaying their club’s name, location, and logo. These patches have to be large to cover almost the entire back of the jacket or vest. We talk more about motorcycle club patches HERE.

If you have a lot of details in your design 

If you have a lot of intricate, diverse details in your design, then they can unfortunately become lost in a smaller patch. Larger patches allow for all the details to be clearly depicted. If your design is truly detail-intensive, make your patch as big as possible!

You have a colorful design 

If you are using more than five different colors in your design, a larger patch gives those colors the space to shine. We always recommend larger patches the more colors you have in your design. 

You are a fashion or apparel brand 

Fashion brands can make patches of just about any size, but when you use a large embroidered patch and pair it with a stylish jacket, the whole article becomes a statement piece. Large patches adhered to the back of a jacket can seriously upgrade the merchandise’s retail value.

You want to be bold 

This is a great reason all on its own. Nothing says bold and fierce like a large embroidered patch! 

Some designs just look better if a patch is bigger!

Perhaps your design is colorful or features many intricate details, but sometimes our in-house designers simply notice that your patch design will display better if it’s larger. Our designers have made thousands of patches, so they know their stuff here, and while the final decision is up to you, we suggest taking them at their word.

Text isn’t legible on a small patch 

If your patch features a lot of text, then a smaller patch size will often make the text hard for people to read. Making your patch larger will make it easier for everyone to see the text on your patch.

Did We Convince You to Order a Large Embroidered Patch? 

We hope so! It’s an easy process, and there are dozens of features you can customize beyond the patch size. If you already have a design in mind, use our Create Tool (click the link below) to input your design and start building your patch! 

If you aren’t quite sure about your design or have some questions, you can always reach out to one of our in-house designers for a bit of help. If needed, they can even whip up a patch design based on your ideas! Remember, you’ll always enjoy FREE shipping, no matter the size of the patch. So why not go BIG?

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