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Why Embroidered Patches Are a Better Choice vs Direct Embroidery

Before you think this is just another bias article trying to convince our customers to choose custom patches instead of direct embroidery, you should know that we offer direct embroidery services on t-shirts, polos, dress shirts, etc… and we do direct embroidery on caps. The advantage however to patches over direct embroidery is that over the long run it is a more cost-effective option. Direct embroidery onto a garment costs on average between $3 to $5. On average a left chest patch costs between $.75 to $2. When you add the cost of sewing the patch onto a garment which is around $.50, at $1.25 to $2.50 it is still between 20% to 400% cheaper than direct embroidery.   Let’s say that your company has 20 employees and each employee requires 5 garments with your company logo sewn onto it. That is 100 garments. With an average price difference between an embroidered patch and direct embroidery being $1.62 that is $162 saved. Furthermore, in many industries such as auto mechanics, gardening, and restaurants it requires that uniforms are changed at least twice per year, because the uniforms get dirty.

The benefit to an embroidered patch is that you can simply cut that patch off of the garment and re-sew it onto a new garment. So instead of paying an average of $4 to have the embroidery done again on a new shirt, you simply just need to pay $.50 to have the patch re-sewn onto a new garment. This is a savings of $3.50 or another $350. If a company operates a staff of 20 people, with each person receiving 5 uniforms, with an average turnover of 2 times per year on a uniform, then the total savings are $512 per year. Small but significant savings for a small business.

What Is Direct Embroidery?

Direct embroidery results in the patch being completely embedded onto the material, making it “a part” of your item. Once you apply the patch using direct embroidery, you cannot simply take it off and apply it elsewhere. Basically, you will not be able to reuse your patch if you choose to go with direct embroidery. If you would like to use the patch for something else, you will have to order a whole new patch.

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What Is Cheaper, Embroidered Patches Or Direct Embroidery?

In the long run, embroidered patches are significantly cheaper and are the most cost-effective option versus direct embroidery. You will be able to reuse your embroidered patch elsewhere, whereas with direct embroidery does not allow you to do so. Therefore, if you are interested in saving money and having a patch that is high in different types of functionality, then embroidered patches is the way to go.

What Is The Difference Between Direct Embroidery And Embroidery?

When one decided to use direct embroidery, it results in the patch being completely embedded onto the material, making it “a part” of your item of clothing. If you decide to embed the patch using direct embroidery, you will not be able to use it again and reapply it on something else. Whereas embroidered patches are placed onto another piece of fabric and are either ironed or sewn on, making it easy for you to take it off and allows you to apply the patch elsewhere if you’d like.




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