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What Are Backer Cards? (And Why You Need Them)

Packaging your product is an important step in making a sale. When your awesome product is packaged in an equally awesome and eye-catching way, you’re that much more likely to take your potential customers from “on the fence” to pulling out their wallets.

Looking for a great way to package your custom pins or accessories? Look no further than custom backer cards. We’ll walk you through what they are and how they can take your product up a notch.

What is a Backer Card?

A backer card is the paper that goes above or behind your custom accessories. As the name implies, backer cards go behind your product, like custom pins. For that reason, they help transport your products safely and securely, while adding a professional touch your customers will remember.

Why You Need Custom Backer Cards

Branded packaging is always important for differentiating your brand, but that’s even more important in a niche market like those of custom pins and patches. Not only does a branded backer card give an aesthetic boost to your packaging, but it’s also an opportunity to extend your brand’s story.

Whether you’re selling custom pins or patches, a backer card is the packaging you need to make your product stand out. Think of it like your accessories’ backdrop. You can add custom artwork or your brand’s logo to the card, as well as other information about your brand.

Creating Custom Backer Cards with The/Studio

Backer cards created with The/Studio come with a variety of customizable aspects. Scroll down to learn more about each one.

Size. Backer cards are available in two, six, eight, or ten inches, two inches being the most popular option. However, if none of those sizes tickles your fancy or matches your product, we can work together to come up with a customizable size for your backer cards.

Paper Type. At The/Studio, you can choose from different types of paper as well as different thicknesses. The simplest and most affordable type of paper is white card stock. But if you’re going for a classier and more minimalistic touch, you can choose matte black cardstock for the same price as white card stock.

For a more rustic feel, “Kraft” paper is a rougher and more stylized type of paper available with The/Studio.

Finally, if you want your packaging to shine and stand out, choose the glossy white card stock.

All of these types of paper come in three different thickness options, depending on how heavy-duty you want the packaging for your product to be.

Packaging. We’ll handle packaging for you so you can focus on the big ideas. Prefer to package your product yourself? No worries – we can send the backer cards directly to you.

Customization at Every Level

At The/Studio, we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs of all levels create the products of their dreams. That’s why we offer free design, flexible order sizes, and customization at every level. To learn more about how we make manufacturing accessible to everyone, check out Our Story.




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