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10 Beanie Designs for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Beanies are the perfect hat for outdoor adventure. If your target demographic loves the outdoors, then they’ll love custom beanies, too!

For outdoor lovers, beanies are the ultimate style of hat. If your brand or business caters to outdoor enthusiasts, custom beanies are a tremendous way to appeal to your demographic with a piece of merch that’s both functional and stylish. In this post, we’ll give you 10 unique beanie designs for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as a few recommended outdoor beanie design options (after all, we’ve helped our customers make thousands upon thousands of beanies, so we like to think we know a thing or two!)

custom outdoor beanies

Why Do Outdoor Enthusiasts Love Beanies? 

Naturally, outdoor lovers spend a lot of time outside. And in winter, fall, and spring they’ll obviously experience cold weather. The beanie is the perfect cold-weather accessory! 

A beanie keeps your head warm but is also form-fitting, so it doesn’t get in the way of any adventure. You can wear beanies under a rock climbing helmet, motorcycle helmet, kayaking helmet, or mountain biking helmet. You can combine beanies with a balaclava for extra cold weather, or a bandana for dusty days on the trail. 

Beanies are also incredibly lightweight and compact, so they’re easy to throw in a backpacking pack for days on the trail. They’re extremely affordable, too (and they have high markup potential—you can make 200 beanies from only $7.49 each).

Besides, fashion might not be your first priority when you’re outdoors, but everyone enjoys looking good, and beanies are a stellar fashion statement. Custom beanie designs let outdoor lovers display their interests and tastes, so they’re always a hit. Also, if you’re a part of a hiking group or any other outdoor-related club, custom beanies are a great piece of unifying apparel (way better than matching t-shirts or matching an entire outfit).

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top 10 beanie designs for outdoor enthusiasts! 

10 Beanie Designs for Outdoor Enthusiasts 

  • Mountains
  • Trees
  • Skys
  • Maps and/or compasses 
  • Oceans, lakes, and rivers
  • Antlers
  • Wolves
  • Suns and/or moons 
  • Tents  
  • Log cabins

Suggested Color Palettes for Outdoor Beanies

Outdoor beanies can be made in any color (nature contains every color on the spectrum!), but there are some color palettes that we see performing better than others for the outdoor demographic. These include shades of green and brown, sky blue, orange, yellow, tan, and otherwise neutral colors. 

If you’re looking for further inspiration, check out iconic outdoor beanie designs from brands like Timberland, Patagonia, REI, The North Face, L.L. Bean, and Columbia. All these brands have been successfully making beanies for decades. 

Recommended Outdoor Beanie Options 

When you design your own beanie with The/Studio, you’ll have dozens upon dozens of customization options. However, we’ve helped tons of brands make their own beanies over the years, so we’ve seen several design choices work best with the outdoor demographic, in particular. See below. 


  • Beanies – 6 crown darts (3 front and 3 back) 


  • 20% wool / 80% cotton 


  • Fleece lining 

Packaging & Branding 

  • Sew-on label or sew-on patch 

NOTE: We recommend using one of our sew-on options instead of direct embroidery. All high-end outdoor brands use labels or patches to elevate their beanies

Again, these are just recommended design choices to help you appeal to the outdoor-minded demographic. We have practically endless design options to choose from, and at the end of the day, the choice is 100% yours when you make your own beanie! You know your brand best, after all. Click the link below to get started.

Start Creating Your Custom Outdoor Beanie Now!




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