10 Best Tools for Entrepreneurs to Design and Prototype Custom Patches Online

Thanks to online custom patch design platforms, designing a custom patch for your business has become easier than ever. As an entrepreneur looking to leverage custom patches for branding, marketing, and other uses, you can now design your custom patch and create prototypes in just a few button clicks. 

Of course, you’ll have to find a reliable online platform offering custom patch design services first. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best tools for patch design and prototyping that you can consider for your custom patch design needs. 


Canva is one of the best online graphic design tools for beginners. It allows users to create high-quality designs by simply modifying pre-designed templates on a simple drag-and-drop interface. Canva’s simplicity is one of the reasons that makes it suitable for custom patch design. You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create custom designs with Canva. 

This tool’s only limitation is that Canva does not print actual patches. However, you can seamlessly export your design from the platform and pass it along to a professional custom patch maker for the prototype and final patch printout. 

Build your Patch

Build Your Patch is an online custom patch design service that lets you create your own patches from pre-designed patch templates. The site offers a streamlined process that involves selecting your preferred patch type, shape, size, and color. You may also upload images or logos to be included in your patch design.  Once your design is completed, you can place an order directly through the site. The average turnaround time for custom patch orders on Build Your Patch is three to four weeks. 


The/Studio is an online, on-demand custom patch design and manufacturing platform. This platform simplifies custom patch production by providing tools for creating patches from start to finish. Before you start designing, you get to choose the specific apparel or accessory you’re creating a design for. Instead of simply editing a template, The/Studio creates designs from scratch, which you can then customize to meet your specifications. You can also upload an already completed artwork or get free design services for all creators in need of design help.


Custompatch.net lets you create custom patches by simply choosing your preferred choice from a range of options. The platform offers an 8-step patch design process that simply involves mapping out your design specifications, such as color, shape, size, fonts, and other design attributes. This way, you don’t have to worry about creating complex designs from scratch or modifying a template like other custom patch design tools. It’s the ideal tool for beginners with barely any knowledge of design principles. Once the specifications have been completed, you can proceed to request a quote and complete your patch order. 

Stadri Emblems

Stadri Emblems is a custom patch embroidery service that has been in business since 1955. The company now offers an online platform from where you can order custom patches seamlessly and have them delivered to you. On this site, you get to define the shape, size, border type, color, and other attributes of your patch. You’ll also pick the embroidery percentage and backing. Stadri Emblems is a little limited since your design will be based on the patch concept or art you upload instead of a modified template like other tools. However, it is still an efficient tool for creating custom patches online. 


CustomPatchesOnline.com is one of the easiest ways to order custom patches online since you won’t have to deal with designing the patch yourself. Instead, you simply send your sketch, drawings or ideas to the company and they’ll create a free custom patch design for you based on that. You can modify the design created as much as possible before approving it for production. The entire process is completed online and the final product will be shipped directly to your destination. 


EverLighten manufactures a wide variety of custom apparel and accessories including beanies, socks, pins, hats, and custom patches for jackets. The brand’s range of custom patch products includes embroidered, printed, woven, and leather patches. To simplify the design process, EverLighten offers in-house design services, which means you only have to specify your preferences and the custom patch will be created for you. You’ll have full control over the design process and can customize the design to your satisfaction before placing an order. 


Patches4Less specializes in making custom embroidered patches. While this platform does not have a design interface for creating patches, you can simply send in a sketch, or just an idea and the in-house graphic artists will create a patch design for you. Patch4Less aims to help businesses cut costs on custom patch design by offering quality patches at an affordable cost. 


Imprint is a design company that creates a wide range of custom promotional products, including custom patches. The company’s online platform includes a user-friendly customization tool where you can create your own custom patch design and visualize your modifications before placing an order. You can order individual patches or buy in bulk and have the order delivered directly to you seamlessly. Imprint serves the custom patch design needs of both individuals and businesses. 

Signature Patches 

Signature Patches provides an online platform to order patches that are custom-made to your specifications. The platform has a large custom patch gallery from where you can select the most suitable products and have them modified to your specific needs. You’ll get free artwork from the company’s team of professional designers, after which you can place an order for your final product.


As this list shows, there are several tools and platforms that you can use to design, visualize, and create your own custom patches online. With some of these tools, you’ll have to create your own design, while others supply you with the services of professional designers. Some platforms like The/Studio also offer a mix of both, with the option to create your own design or simply get help from a professional. 



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