7 Unique Reasons to use Custom Challenge Coins

The rich history of the challenge coin stems deep into military tradition, but recently the coins are gaining more and more popularity in the civilian world. Here are some creative ways to use challenge coins outside of the military.

1. Awards
Ribbons, trophies, and medals – all of these can be given to winners and the like to allow them to remember their accomplishment. But why not give them something unique, something that stands out from the rest of their trophy room – A unique challenge coin would do just the thing.

2. Memorials
When someone or something important is to be remembered, most often plaques or banners are hung, but why not hand out a custom made challenge coin to anyone deserving, so that they can hold this memory themselves.

3. Thank You
When a person or organization goes above and beyond to help, they’re frequently given a card displaying their appreciation. But wouldn’t it be more meaningful to give each member something special that they can hold on to and proudly display. A coin with their name on it would be just the thing to show that appreciation.

4. Weddings
Most weddings are a lot of work for everyone involved. The bride and groom usually give gifts to their respective parties to thank them for sharing that special day. Why not give a coin commemorating the culmination of all their hard work and thanking them for being a part of their important day.

5. Birth Announcements
It seems that every day people attempt to find new and unique ways to announce that they’re bringing a new life into the world. Funny pictures, postcards, parties, you name it. Why not change it up and give a custom coin to the people most important to this new child’s life, not only announcing their birth but also lasting their whole lives.

6. Commencement Ceremonies
Graduating from high school and/or college is a major step in every ones lives. There are always cards full of money, possibly cars and fun trips, but none of the gifts really signify the accomplishment that the individual has just achieved. Give a unique gift to this year’s grads, not only will a challenge coin represent their hard work but it will be cherished for years to come.

7. Job Fairs and Trade Shows
When companies attend various job fairs and trade shows they give out all kinds of unique things in an attempt to be remembered amongst the packs of other similar establishments. Instead of a pen bearing the company name, why not give the unique and memorable gift of a custom made challenge coin.

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