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Cool Application of A Woven Label Patch

We have discussed in quite a few previous blogs about the role of Woven Label patches in that sometimes they are a viable option because they are better at providing the customer with better detail at small sizes.

This is of course the case with this particular patch pictured here.  There is no way that this level of detail would have been picked up on a normal embroidered patch.  We talked to the owner of 1 Wheel Felon Designs and he wanted to make a custom beanie for his fashion brand 1 Wheel Felon Designs.  1 Wheel Felon Designs is a small boutique fashion brand whose name is inspired by bikers who lift the bike in the air and ride on one wheel.  As you may have guessed 1 Wheel Felon Designs is a biker brand that celebrates the dare devil culture of motorcycles. The owner of 1 Wheel Felon Designs wanted to create a custom beanie to sell retail, and he wanted to put an intricate design on the beanie.  We reviewed our options with the customer and we came to the conclusion that direct embroidery and an embroidered patch sewn onto the beanie were both bad options, because the intricacy of the design would require at least 30,000 to 40,000 stitches and this would cause the beanie to pucker because of all the stitches, and we also felt it would be uncomfortable for the person wearing the beanie. Therefore we came up with the solution for the customer to create a woven label.  A woven label was a much better option than screen print which generally doesn’t look good on woven material, and it would offer more detail and wear-ability to the user versus embroidery.   We produced the woven labels for the customer, as well as the beanies and we sewed the woven labels on the beanies for the customer.  The customer’s beanie’s are now available for sale.




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