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Custom Roller Derby Patch


Ever since seeing the movie “Whip It” , I have been intrigued and inspired by roller derby. I think Roller Derby is so empowering to woman and is a thrilling sport to watch. These woman have pathed the way for future generations. Now young women can have more options than just figure skating or gymnastics. This female dominated sport , creates strong bonds and builds self confidence. We have had the pleasure of creating custom roller derby patches for many Roller Derby teams. When I assist these amazing athletes , I feel so much girl power! I am in awe of them!


Our Roller Derby customers always have the best designs and concepts. I have to say that they always turn out to be my favorite custom emblems we have created. The custom roller derby patches are always feminine but have an edge to them. I would like to share with you some of the amazing custom roller derby patches we have created. I would also like to go over some of the special options we offer that will make your custom roller derby patches be all that more fabulous! After reading this blog , I am certain that Hero Patches will have your roller derby stamp of approval!

The first custom roller derby patch you see below is extraordinary! This is a perfect example of what a roller derby patch should look like. The custom roller derby patch features a beautiful 1950’s woman with pink lipstick and gorgeous hair! We used 75% embroidery coverage and we used pink , white and black threading. What a great design!

The second custom roller derby patch you see below was created for Canuck T.V Derby , they have a website that broadcast live Canadian Roller Derby. We used 75% embroidery coverage on this custom roller derby patch and we used black and red threading. We also included a red merrowed border , that gave the patch a finished look.

The third custom roller derby patch you see below was created for the Rossland Trail Roller Girls. This custom roller derby patch has such colorful colors and really stands out. We used 75% embroidery coverage and we used yellow , red , and black threading.

Now time for the fun part! Special options! After deciding on your design and concept , it’s time to add special materials that will make your custom roller derby patch stand out while your skating on the rink. We offer special options that will make your opponents distracted and not to mention jealous. Choose from rhinestones to make your custom patch sparkle , metallic thread to make your custom emblem shine , glow in the dark threading to make your patch glow so brightly or neon threading to make your emblem pop with color. Whichever special option you choose , your custom roller derby patch will be sure to inspire a win! And will also unify your team.

So what did you think? We have a hang of this Roller Derby stuff , don’t we? Let Hero Patches lead your team to victory with a one of a kind custom roller derby patch!

custom Roller Derby Patch


custom roller derby canuck t.v

Custom Roller Derby patch rossland




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