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Customer Service at Patches by The/Studio

August 4, 2015

I think we all can agree how important customer service is to the success of a company, great customer service is what builds your reputation  and builds a loyal client base . At Patches by The/Studio we pride ourselves in having the best customer service, when I first started working at Patches by The/Studio, we had a mandatory week long customer service training. The owner and the general manager conducted the workshop, we were asked to choose one company that has the best customer service and one company that has the worst customer service and explain why. I picked Nordstroms as the store with the best customer service because they go above and beyond to make sure you have the best shopping experience and they always walk around the counter to hand you your shopping bag. I won’t say what company I said gave the worst customer service but I will say they are a well known company, I picked them because their customers service representatives are always rude and not knowledgeable about their products.

That customer service exercise really shaped our staff into amazing creative specialists , we wanted to be just like the companies that were known for their exceptional customer service and we didn’t want to be known for poor customer service. We wanted to be the Nordstroms of the custom patch companies, the owner also wanted us to be very knowledgeable about custom embroidered patches, so we went through a extensive training program about custom clothing patches. After every lesson, we were given a patch exam, that we had to pass with a 95% score or better to complete training. The training we receive at Patches by The/Studio is the training you would see at a corporate company, it’s well planned and thoughtfully executed.

The owner at Patches by The/Studio has such a clear vision, deliver the highest quality embroidered emblems at the lowest price and give our customers exceptional customer service. There is a process when it comes to ordering a customized patch, we want to make sure that your custom patch process goes smoothly and you receive the best custom clothing patches. We will answer any questions you may have with patience and clarity.

Our creative specialist are waiting to hear from you so they can provide you with excellence and service and guide you through every step of the process. We look forward to assisting you with your customized patch order!

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