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Embroidery Coverage

First Time Ordering Custom Patches

If it’s your first time ordering custom patches, you may be overwhelmed with all of the decisions you have to make. We want to make your decision making as easy as possible. We write these blogs to share our patch knowledge with our customers and to explain in detail what we think our customers need to know before ordering their patches. After reading our blogs we our confident that you will have the knowledge and confidence to order the patch of your dreams.

Embroidery Coverage

In today’s blog we are going to review embroidery coverage. This is a very important step in designing your custom patch. You will need to choose how much of your custom patch you would like to be embroidered. There are three options; 50% embroidery coverage, 75% embroidery coverage and 100% embroidery coverage.

Let’s go over all three options in detail!

  • 50 % Embroidery Coverage: 50% or less of the patch surface area will be covered in embroidery. This is our least expensive option and is generally used for patches with simple designs sewn onto fabric. If you need an affordable option and your design is simple, then this is an excellent choice!

  • 75% Embroidery Coverage – This means 75% or less of the patch surface area will be covered in embroidery. This is the most widely used embroidery coverage. Unless specified by the customer, our Creative Specialists usually note a standard order with 75% Embroidery.

  • 100% Embroidery Coverage– This option will cover 100% of the patch surface area. This is our most expensive option. 100% embroidery coverage is sure to create a visual masterpiece.

Please keep in mind that choosing the right embroidery option depends on your image.  If you are unsure of which embroidery coverage to choose, please ask your creative specialist.

Our Passion is Patches

Patches by The/Studio can answer any question you may have about custom patches. Our passion is patches and we strive to be the best custom patch company in the industry. Make sure to read our other blogs, you are sure to learn more about custom patches! And make sure to sign up to receive our newsletters, you don’t want to miss out on our special offers!




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