Etsy SEO — How To Get Your Product Found

Etsy can be a lucrative opportunity for creatives who want to sell their one-of-a-kind handmade or vintage items.

But if you’re struggling to get your products found, you’ll need to implement SEO strategies.

Optimizing your SEO ensures your products appear more often, boosting their visibility and sales. Keep reading to learn how to optimize your listings to rank higher.

How Does Etsy Determine What To Show to Customers?

Many factors contribute to where your product listings rank on search results. Let’s explore those factors.

Query Matching

Misleading titles, tags, and other attributes will only hurt your Etsy SEO. Deceptive marketing violates consumer protection laws; this is reflected by how many people click off of your listing versus how many buy. Ideally, your listing should match what shoppers are looking for.

Listing Quality Score

This factors into how well your product sells. Etsy accounts for the percentage of visitors that like, click, or purchase your product. The higher your conversion rate, the better your Etsy ranking will be.


Etsy does provide a small boost to new listings in the search results, allowing them to gauge the effectiveness of your listing. However, it’ll settle in after a few days, and your rankings will position based on customer experience. Keep your listing up-to-date and add new products regularly to help improve your store’s rankings.

Customer and Market Experience Score

This score measures your store’s customer experience by evaluating factors such as:

  • Customer reviews: Etsy evaluates the number of reviews and their ratings.
  • Sales history: The total number of sales and overall sales volumes is taken into consideration, as a popular store is more likely to have a satisfactory experience.
  • Shipping times: Etsy looks at how fast you ship your orders out to customers, the accuracy of your estimated delivery dates, and whether it matches up.
  • Responsiveness: This factors in how fast the seller responds to customer messages and the quality of their responses.

Shipping Price

Etsy favors sellers offering free shipping to orders delivered to the US and for orders over $35. Free shipping is perceived as providing a positive customer experience, which attracts more buyers to the platform and your listing. If no free shipping is offered, ensure competitive shipping prices.


The language you use to start your Etsy store will determine the language used to create your listings. Sellers who offer products in multiple language translations can boost your rankings since it appeals to a wider audience. However, Etsy can’t translate listings, so even if the listing is in another language, make sure to use relevant keywords.

Personalized Search

Personalized search means that Etsy leverages machine learning to tailor a consumer’s search results based on their personal interests and preferences. That means that even if two people type in the same keywords, they may see different results based on their location, interests, and past search history.

How To Get Your Etsy Listings Found in 5 Simple Steps

Getting your products found in an Etsy search might seem daunting, but with a little knowledge, you can compete with the best.

  1. Find Relevant Keywords

Brainstorm a comprehensive list of phrases and keywords your target audience will likely search for when shopping for a product like yours.

Use the Etsy search bar similar to Google. Start typing your keyword or phrases, and popular terms like yours will appear. This shows the exact phrases that shoppers are typing, which gives you a leg up in your research. Include those relevant keywords in your product, description, and tags.

  1. Optimize Your Listings for Etsy’s Search Engine

There are many facets to a well-optimized Etsy listing, such as quality images, relevant keywords and categories, and a compelling product description.

We recommend adding relevant attributes to physically describe your product, such as the color, size, material, and product purpose.

Make sure to also choose specific and accurate categories for your listings, which creates more opportunities for your product to be found.

  1. Upload High-Quality Images

High-quality images increase engagement and ultimately attract more buyers. Professionally-taken pictures show you’re a reliable seller and make your products more appealing.

The product photo should be at least 2000px along the shortest edge. Each listing allows for ten photos, and it’s best to use all of them. Etsy also recommends using a landscape picture for the first image since it looks sharper when cropped and appears in the search.

All images should be clear even when zoomed. Create various photos for your products, highlighting their appearance, features, and how it looks up close.

  1. Use the Right Tags

Etsy lets sellers add up to 13 tags to their product listings. Improve your rankings using all 13 tags to maximize your chances of being seen.

You’re allowed to have keywords up to 20 characters long. Additionally, you want to choose more long-tail keywords instead of single words to ensure query matching.

If you’re unsure which tags to use, check the tags your competitors use for similar types of products. Under “explore related searches” or “you may also like,” you’ll find your competitor’s listings.

  1. Maintain a High Customer Experience Score

The Etsy algorithm favors stores with many returning customers since it’s a sign that you provide a great experience. Thus, they reward you by boosting your product listings.

There are many ways to keep them coming back and have a high customer experience score:

  • Send special offers to loyal customers
  • Offer discounts for future purchases or bulk orders
  • Sell only high-quality products
  • Answer questions quickly and ship orders promptly
  • Offer free shipping
  • Ask for feedback

Excellent customer service can help you stand out and earn more business as your store’s reputation grows. Adding a personal touch can help to elevate the experience, whether it’s unique products or customized thank-you cards after purchases. Personalization has been found to increase customer experience, and people are likely willing to pay more for customized products.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re curious about getting your Etsy products found, we’ve compiled a short FAQ section.

Can You Do SEO for Etsy?

Yes, you can improve your product rankings on the Etsy platform by optimizing various factors such as relevancy in search terms and listing quality score. Etsy offers built-in SEO support, allowing sellers to optimize their listings and stores through category tags and keywords in product descriptions.

Do I Need SEO for Etsy?

Yes, SEO is vital for a seller looking to increase traffic to their listings and store. Whether consumers search directly on the platform or Google, ranking high for relevant search terms will allow you to reach a wider audience and ultimately increase sales.

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