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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Snapback Hats

Snapback hats are all the rage right now. They’re classic, yet current. They’re the perfect accessory for all ages, genders, styles, and seasons. They’re easy to throw on to hide a bad hair day or as an outfit-completing fashion statement.

And the best part?

They’re super customizable, making them an excellent choice for companies looking to create unique products.

Custom snapback hats have so many personalization possibilities, whether you create a fashionable neutral-toned cap, a sports hat, a colorful hat that shows off your latest artwork, or a hat designed to go along with one of your best-selling tees. 

No matter what kind of company you have, you can create custom snapback hats to help you reach your goals. (And earn extra $$ in the process!)

With the help of The/Studio, creating custom snapback hats is easier than ever. With fair pricing, fast turnaround times, and an easy-to-use DIY online product creation tool, you can create a 100% customized snapback hat in no time, all from your laptop. Our expert designers and top factories will help you bring your awesome custom snapback hat ideas to life. And with no minimum order quantities whatsoever, you can order as many or as few as you’d like!

Learn everything you need to know about custom snapback hats, including…

  • Why you should make custom snapback hats
  • What types of custom snapback hats are available
  • How to make custom snapback hats

Take notes – you’re about to become an expert in creating custom snapback hats!


Why Should You Make Custom Snapback Hats?

If you’re thinking of creating custom products for your online or in-person store, you have more product options than you may currently realize. Here at The/Studio alone, we create thousands of custom patches, custom pins, custom socks, custom beanies, custom stickers, and custom keychains every single week. So what makes custom snapback hats so special?

Custom snapback hats make an excellent product in any online store. As long as you partner with the right company to create your custom hats, they can yield great margins and have the potential to drive major profit in your store.

Here are a few other pros of custom snapback hats:

  • Inexpensive – Custom snapback hats start at just $3.63 each, depending on how many you order and add-ons you select. What’s more, it’s not uncommon to see snapback hats sell for anywhere from $10-30 – making these a high-profit product.
  • Crowd-pleaser – Custom snapback hats work for a wide variety of audiences, spanning ages, genders, climates, locales, styles, and more.
  • Extremely customizable – With the ability to customize the material, shape, paneling, bill, closure, and more, you can create a snapback hat that’s totally your own. It’s easy to bring your specific vision to life!
  • Trendy – Snapback hats are very popular right now, which should make it easier for you to sell plenty of them. (That being said, they’re also timeless enough that you should be able to sell them for a long time if that’s your strategy!)
  • Easy to make – with The/Studio’s product creation tool, you can partner with top factories to create custom snapback hats online. (And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be confident you’ll end up with a result both you and your customers absolutely love!)

Not planning on selling your custom snapback hats? They also make a great client or employee gift, or a perfect addition to your company or sports team uniform. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Of course, if you’re interested in creating custom pins or custom patches as well, you can always combine them in your custom snapback hat for a fun, personalized look!


Types of Custom Snapback Hats

A snapback hat is one of many types of brimmed caps. It gets its name from the adjustable strap in the back that snaps together to make the hat fit snugly. Traditionally, snapback hats are made with six panels and a wide, flat brim, though some snapback hats are made with more or fewer panels or a curved bill. The plastic snap closure on the back is the defining characteristic of a snapback hat – everything else is plenty customizable. (At The/Studio, you can even choose a plastic snapback with a custom logo added to it if you’d like!)


Even within the category of snapback hats, you’ll find other categories. Here are a few of the most popular types of snapback hats we make here at The/Studio:

Trucker Hats:

Trucker hats feature a chunky style and an ultra-comfortable fit. They’re known for their foam-padded front and mesh backing. Trucker hats usually feature a plastic snap closure, though they can be made using a different closure. They’re a casual sort of hat that works great with sports designs, fashion print designs, novelty quotes, and more.

To create a custom trucker hat with The/Studio, be sure to choose a foam structure profile shape, a flat bill, a plastic snapback closure, a high profile, and nylon mesh back panels. Beyond that, you can customize it to your heart’s content!


Five-panel Hats:

Five-panel hats have a traditional construction and a high profile. A bit different from other snapback hats, they’re made with five panels instead of six. They’re a popular design choice for baseball caps, sports merchandise, fashion hats, and other casual hats.

To create a custom five-panel hat with The/Studio, be sure to choose a five-panel style, a structured profile shape, a flat bill, a plastic snapback closure, and a high profile. Beyond these basic options, customize additional options like the packaging, exterior stitching, embroidery, and design to make it completely your own!


Baseball Hats:

Baseball hats aren’t just for the pitcher’s mound – inspired by the great American sport, they can be worn on and off the field. Their classic medium profile and curved bill work great with embroidered logos or no embellishment whatsoever. Baseball hats often include a plastic snapback closure, though they can also be made with a metal tri-glide or buckle closure.

To make a custom baseball hat with The/Studio, choose a five-panel style, a structured profile shape, a curved bill, and a medium profile. Customize everything beyond that to make your hat your own!

Not 100% sold on creating a snapback hat? You have other options, too! Look into creating dad hats or fitted hats, which feature a similar silhouette with a different closure, or even beanies, which are better for chilly weather.


Dad Hats:

Dad hats are perfect for moms, kids, teens, and fathers alike. These trendy hats typically feature an unstructured body and a curved bill, with no or minimal embroidery in the front of the hat. Unlike snapback hats, dad hats typically feature a metal buckle closure.

To make a custom dad hat with The/Studio, select a five-panel style, an unstructured profile shape, a curved bill, and a metal buckle cap closure. Aside from that, it’s totally up to you!


Fitted Hats:

Fitted hats are custom-designed to fit snugly on the head. They usually sport a flexible build, a curved bill, and a non-adjustable closure, unlike snapback hats. They’re ideal if all of your customers are around the same size, or if you’ve taken pre-orders with measurements.

To make a custom-fitted hat with The/Studio, choose a five-panel style, an unstructured profile shape, a curved bill, and a custom-size-fitted cap closure. Aside from that, customize away!



Like custom snapback hats, custom beanies are worn on the head and have many customization options… but the comparison essentially ends there! Beanies are the most different from the other six hat options at The/Studio. They involve a stretchy knit base, designed for warmth and comfort. They don’t involve any bills or closures. Beanies are ideal for winter collections and chillier climates.

To create a custom beanie with The/Studio, simply select the “beanie” product option, then customize the beanie structure, material type, knit, embroidery, printing, packaging, and branding.

Still wondering which type of custom hat you should make? Learn more about all seven hat types you can make at The/Studio.

A true snapback hat will always have that classic plastic snap closure. However, if you’re interested in exploring other closure options, you have plenty, including:

  • Velcro Strap
  • Fitted (Custom Size)
  • Metal Tri-Glide
  • Metal Buckle
  • Plastic Tri-Glide
  • Custom Metal Buckle
  • Faux Leather Strap with Custom Buckle
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Plastic Snapback with Custom Logo


How to Make Custom Snapback Hats

No, you don’t have to be a hatmaker to make beautiful custom snapback hats! It’s possible to create a snapback hat online and customize everything from the structure to the design to the smallest details. Learn how to make custom snapback hats online.

1. Find a manufacturer

Your first task is to find a reliable, affordable manufacturer to partner with. While you’ll be responsible for deciding how you want your hat to look, the manufacturer you go with will be the one who ultimately executes your vision. The materials and processes they use can have a huge impact on the overall look, feel, and quality of your custom snapback hat. That’s why it’s so important to choose a manufacturer that’s reputable – especially if you’ve never created custom products online before!

There are quite a few custom snapback manufacturers out there – as you research and vet each one, look for the following qualities for best results:

  • Top factories
  • Industry-leading customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Free design services
  • No minimum order quantities (MOQs)
  • Fair pricing
  • Fast shipping
  • Expedited shipping available
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Lots of hat customization options
  • In-depth approval process
  • Great reviews
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

With 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction, fair pricing, and thousands of satisfied customers, The/Studio checks all the boxes. If you’re creating a custom product online for the first time, we’d recommend you start here!

If you do choose to go with The/Studio to create and manufacture your custom snapback hat, you’ll begin the process here. You’ll choose the quantity you’d like to order, then start customizing.


2. Choose the hat type

Next up, decide what type of custom snapback hat you’re going to create, whether you’re going for a trucker hat, a baseball hat, a five-panel hat, or any other customized hat with a plastic snap closure. This will help you determine which customization choices to make.


3. Customize your hat

Next up, customize every aspect of your hat! You can either choose options to create a classic type of hat or make it entirely your own. Here are all of the customization options you’ll have to choose from:

  • Style – Choose from a six-panel, five-panel, or five-panel with pinch-tuck style.
  • Material – Choose between 100% cotton twill, cotton/poly twill, corduroy, poly mesh, full color printed twill, 70% acrylic/30% wool blend, faux suede, faux leather, faux satin, or screen-printed twill.
  • Profile shape – Choose from a structured, unstructured, or foam structure shape.
  • Bill shape – Choose between a curved or flat bill.
  • Cap closure – Choose a plastic snapback closure if you’re creating a snapback hat, or decide between velcro strap, custom-fitted, metal tri-glide, metal bronze buckle, plastic tri-glide, custom metal buckle, faux leather strap with custom buckle, one size fits most, or plastic snapback with custom logo options.
  • Packaging – Choose whether you’d like to add on a patch, hangtag, or custom woven label.
  • Profile height – Choose between a low, medium, or high profile height.
  • Exterior – Customize the exterior with multiple eyelet, stitching, and bill options.
  • Interior – Customize the interior with multiple taping and sweatband options.
  • Embroidery – Choose whether you’d like to add embroidery to your hat.
  • Printing – Choose whether you’d like to add screen printing to your hat.


4. Design your hat

Next up, add your own design or artwork to your hat! If you’ve already worked up a design of your own, simply upload it – if not, describe your vision in detail and include any rough sketches you may have. Our in-house design team will take whatever you provide and turn it into a beautiful snapback hat!


5. Approve a mockup

We’ll send over a physical prototype or detailed photograph as a mockup of your custom product. If all looks good, we’ll move forward with production! If you see anything you’d like changed, we’ll tweak it until we get it right, free of charge.


6. Sell or give away your hats

Once your final design is approved, we’ll begin production and let you know how long it will take to manufacture all of your items. You’ll then enjoy free shipping on your entire order, and receive your items right at your doorstep.


Start Creating Custom Snapback Hats

Ready to start creating your next best-selling custom snapback hat? Start today and you could have your entire order in hand in just a couple of weeks. Start creating custom snapback hats here.




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