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How to Create Award Medals for Winners to Wear with Pride

Imagine receiving a plain award without any text, custom design, or details. It would probably feel like it was some kind of afterthought. Now — consider receiving an award that is highly-customized for you and your achievement with quality enamel, raised details, and unique shape — chances are you would feel honored and appreciated.

Custom award medals can only be award-worthy themselves if they are designed in a way that showcases personalization and one-of-a-kind attributes, fitting your special occasion and created with you, your stakeholders, teammates, athletes, or other awardees in mind.

When you need a simple approach to creating custom award medals and are considering various ways to use them, look for a high quality on-demand system for ordering. And, if you’re needing low minimum order quantities (MOQs) in various styles (rewards tend to be exclusive, after all), then you’ll definitely want to read more.

How to Create Custom Award Medals

If you’ve ever created custom award medals for your eStore, company team, athletic group, organization members, or honorary leaders, then you know you need an easy-to-follow process that allows you to customize the medals as you need them. Here’s a step-by-step look at what this looks like when you use a reputable design and manufacturing partner:

1. Select your preferred size, typically 1 inch to 5 inches

2. Determine whether you want a one-sided or two-sided medal

3. Choose your MOQs for the number of recipients you’ll be rewarding

4. Select a style:

Soft enamel will show all the details and the valleys of your medal

Hard enamel will feature a flat, smooth surface with a classic “gleam”

Die struck is the traditional metal type that appears like a raised coin

Off-set printing will give photo-rich detail for any image or artwork you’d like to use

5. Choose your material color and finish, including shiny gold, shiny silver, antique gold, and others.

6. Select the number of additional colors you want your medals to feature

7. Choose your ribbon width from .75 to 1.5 inches or anything in between

8. Determine your best ribbon length and loop type — either round or wide

9. Choose engraving and packaging such as poly plastic bags, velvet bags, or boxes

10. Upload your desired image or artwork to be transferred to your medals

11. Once your sample award medal is prepared it will be shared with you for your approval

12. Receive your shipment. You should soon have your award medals shipped to you at no charge for standard shipping 

It’s that easy! Now that you know how to create custom medals or challenge coins, you can consider some of the ways you can use custom medals or feature them in your eStore or company store. 

Ways to Use Customized Medals

Custom award medals are the perfect way to honor a wide range of individuals. Here are some of the most popular reasons for creating these special items.


Special Olympics award medals for summer and winter games, as well as local and regional tournaments

Junior Olympics award medals and custom athletic socks for individual and team achievements on the local, regional, and national level

Athletic tournament incentives. From wrestling to amateur and professional boxing to basketball, award medals that can be customized for every sport and every tournament imaginable

Sports leaders and team captains can create medals for sports invitationals and conferences with individual and team competitions such as track, baseball, volleyball, and more


Spelling bees for awarding the top placing contestants

Bible bees for trivia sessions and scripture memorization contests

Student council awards and student recognition achievements

Band, orchestra, and choir regional, state, and national contests. Custom iron-on embroidered letters and patches are a great complement to medals as well

Debate and speech local, regional, and state tournaments and competitions

Corporate/small business:

  Sales awards and retreats for end-of-year performance and other sales achievements


Non-profit membership accolades including years of service awards and volunteer hours recognition

Marathons and fun runs or walks awarding not only medals for winners but also custom patches for all participants for their apparel or gear

Other fundraising competitions

Whatever your need is for a custom award medal, working with a creative design partner that offers quality manufacturing, low MOQs, and award medal customization options will help you with finalizing your custom award medals order.

Finalizing Your Custom Medals Order

When you need a way to reward team captains, champions, debate and tournament leaders, or anyone who has achieved something great, The/Studio offers a custom, on-demand creators design tool for medals that you can access online anytime to place orders in low minimum order quantities (MOQs). You can quickly select design options that exude pride and will make you and your employees, team members, and winners shine.

Finalizing and receiving your order will be like finishing first place in a major race, as you’ll enable yourself to present award medals that your recipients will appreciate and wear with distinct honor and pride.

The/Studio is a custom awards medals designer that enables creators to design custom medals more quickly and efficiently. If you’re interested in creating custom award medals in low MOQs, contact us or create your product today.

Image Credit | ANDRANIK HAKOBYAN | Shutterstock




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