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Ideas for Custom Trade Show Giveaways That Attendees Will Love

Competition. It’s prominent in business, especially when we’re looking at attending trade shows. In fact, the Global Association of the Exhibit Industry reported in its latest Global Exhibition Barometer that companies defined competition within their industry as one of the most common business issues. 

With trade show participation increasing by 41%, you’ll want to surpass your competitors who may be vying for the same prospective customers. That’s why you’ll need custom trade show giveaways that are truly unique and popular with attendees. It could very well make the difference between you or your competition in obtaining the leads you are competing for. Here are several ideas for amazing giveaways that prospective clients and customers will get excited about.

Ideas for the Most Popular and Unique Trade Show Giveaways

Companies are spending more money each year on trade show marketing, communicating that about half of their business’ revenue from trade shows and events are attributed to qualified leads or registrations. Exhibit sales account for another 25%. Here are some ideas to help you determine the best and most unique trade show giveaways that will have meaning in your participants’ lives. 

Custom Pins

Custom pins worn by trade show booth managers and given to attendees can be custom designed with your corporate logo, professional image, and in up to five or more colors. Custom pins are available in hard or soft enamel.

Custom Socks

Custom socks attract your key prospects and customers and can be included in exhibitor swag bags. Socks can be custom designed in a variety of ways including:

• Jacquard knit is a method of knitting your custom design directly into your custom socks for swag and gift bags

360 custom printed with a continuous image or design that wraps around the entire sock

Dye-sublimated socks include a more precise design that is imprinted deep into your sock

Custom socks can be individually packaged according to your specific needs and purchased in a variety of sizes, colors, and in different lengths such as athletic, no show, knee-high, cuff, and even with different cuff shapes.

Custom Hats and Beanies

Custom hats and beanies work well for giveaways leaving a lasting image in the minds of your customers, distributors, and employees. These items are popular for handing out during an extracurricular conference activity.

Custom Challenge Coins 

Custom challenge coins are great for offering a lasting keepsake to a valued potential customer. It can be used as a token of appreciation for a particular sale or business incentive.


Keychains are exceptional branded giveaways that potential customer leads are sure to enjoy and can be customized in various types of metals or PVC material, or embroidered for your event marketing inventory

Cufflinks, Tie Bars, and Money Clips

Cufflinks, tie bars, and money clips make up an essential trio for presenting a high-end gift to key stakeholders and valued potential customers. When you’re trying to finalize major deals, these are the trade show gifts to present that attendees will love and remember.

Custom Event Apparel

Event apparel customized by event planners with custom patches ensure a highly-fashionable option for golf outings, trade show booth giveaways, and gifts for those who sign up following a speaker program.

Custom Patches and Apparel

Patches can be embroidered, woven, or custom printed to meet your specific design and apparel needs. Here are more details and options:

• Custom embroidered or woven patches provide a classic look that can be designed using different numbers and colors threads in a variety of shapes and sizes

• Bullion patches offer an elevated 3D appearance, especially appreciated by dealers and distributors and can accompany denim jackets, blazers, and colored t-shirts

• Custom printed patches are screen printed with a photographic quality matching a distinct image and are preferred for the exterior of swag bags and apparel

• Chenille patches with a fuzzy, nostalgic appearance can be created in unique shapes and used for charity events, employee banquets, and client appreciation dinners

• Leather patches can be applied in different ways and offer an edgy, fun look that is less about stuffy and more about stylish and are a chosen favorite for business bags

• PVC patches are made of durable plastic and are exceptional great giveaways at outdoor retreats, company picnics, client golf outings, and events

Custom patches and promotional products can be easily accomplished by working with a quality custom designer.

Custom Lanyards and Stickers

When you’re planning exhibitor kits for a trade show or offering custom products on your eStore, custom lanyards and stickers fit perfectly into the custom products mix. 

Custom-designed lanyards for attendees, as well as custom stickers for event marketing and custom promotional products, can be included in your exhibitor kit for vendors, speakers, and attendees. A custom manufacturer with an online creators’ design tool will enable you to create custom lanyards, stickers, and various trade show giveaways. 

Custom Designing Quality Giveaways

When the competition heats up, you’ll be ready with custom-designed promotional giveaways when you choose the right partner. The/Studio offers all of these trade show giveaways and more for your highly-esteemed clients, resellers, distributors, and priority leads.

Custom gifts feature free design help, a free sample or prototype, and free standard shipping. Products can be ordered on-demand in low minimum order quantities (MOQs) in the precise style your current and prospective customers will appreciate, surpassing your competition with value-added gifts and incentives that derive a prosperous return on your investment. 

The/Studio is a custom promotional products designer that enables creators to design custom hats, socks, patches, pins, and other custom trade show giveaways more quickly and efficiently. If you’re interested in creating custom promotional items for your organization, contact us or create your product today.

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