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Launching our New Product, Hang Tags by Susan


I am so happy! Our woven patches website is finished . I’m now working on hang tags, the product that we will promote next month. Like Christian said before, hang tags are a  very complicated product, I didn’t think so before but now I understand why we said that. Hang Tags looked like a simple product but they are definitely not! There are a lot of inconsistency when it comes to Hang Tags.



Collecting Information

Firstly, I searched the hang tags factories on, then I communicated with them.  I asked them the possible material of the tags and the strings. Sadly, they told me very little information. They just told me that I can search the material on the Internet called Baidu. But I couldn’t find the information. So I check a Hang Tag website and I got all the information I needed.

Finally, I have the material and surface finishing options, I also contacted the factory about their production process. One of the sales reps in the factory was very nice and patient. I also know that hang tags are not  just used for  the fashion industry but also for the jewelry and food industry. Hang Tags are very practical and useful.

hang tags image


Hang Tag Pricing

Another issue is the pricing of the Hang Tags. Every time a new product comes out, I fear this issue! A few factories give me the answers I need.  I also search our competitors’ pricing and this time the pricing is difficult to find.

We will still need to calculate the pricing before we launch our new product.






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