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Meanings Behind Sons of Anarchy Patches

Sons of Anarchy is and was the T.V. show that had it all. Drama, action, humor and even sweet custom patches. Imagine our disappointment when we found out the series ended. All good things come to an end, though — and as we said farewell to Jax and Gemma, there is one last thing we need to do before we part. We had to discuss the patches seen on the show!

This has been one of our most popular blog posts and we revisited it in late 2016 to add a little more love to one of our core customers: bikers with a need for speed and customization.

Custom patches are a biker’s identity. They represent who they are and where they are from. The patches on Sons of Anarchy played a supportive yet important role on the show. They basically spoke for themselves. Before any of the characters uttered a word, you knew their status and their roles. Their patches acted as identification. Each patch represented honor and demanded respect.

Let’s take a look at the meaning of each patch worn by the characters:

President Patch- This patch is rewarded to the current President of the Sons of Anarchy.


First 9 Patch- This patch is only given to the first 9 original members of the Sons of Anarchy.



Vice President Patch- This patch is rewarded to the Vice Present of The Sons of Anarchy.


Sergent-at-Arms Patch- This patch is rewarded to the individual that is in charge of disciplining the members. This person is required to accompany the President wherever he goes. He is basically the President’s bodyguard.



Secretary Patch- This patch is given to the individual that is responsible for the club’s money and spending.



Road Captain Patch- This patch is given to the individual that coordinates which routes the club should take when riding. They make sure everyone is safe while out on the road.



Men of Mayhem Patch- This patch is quite allusive. We believe that this patch is rewarded to members who have killed someone on behalf of the Sons of Anarchy. We don’t know this for a fact but we have our suspicions. Anyone wanting to confirm?


Redwood Original Patch- The name of the “mother club”. We still are too sure what this means exactly. This patch is worn by every member.


Charming, CA Patch- All of the members of Sons of Anarchy wear this patch. Charming, CA is where they live. This patch must be worn on the right side by their belts.


Sons of Anarchy Patch- This patch is of the name of the club. All members must wear it.


Unholy Ones Patch- This patch is rewarded to members who have loyalty to a particular member.


Prospect Patch- This patch is given to an individual who wants to become a member of the Sons of Anarchy. They aren’t allow membership until they go through a probation period and every existing member has to vote them in.



We still don’t have anything good to do on Tuesday nights. But you can help fill the Sons-of-Anarchy-shaped hole in your heart by riding on over to our custom patches page and designing your own custom patch today. Free design help and standard shipping means a smooth ride from start to finish.