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Top Custom Military Products in 2019

Fashion trends move fast, and 2019 will be no different. Thankfully, there are a few solid standbys that are always popular, regardless of whether minimalism or floral patterns are in style next season. Check out this list of top custom military products of 2019 to see what your customers are looking for. Then, start creating your custom military accessories with The/Studio.

It's easy to make custom military patches with The/Studio.

Custom Military Patches

With unlimited customizations available in terms of size, shape, material, and color, patches are a dream custom military product. Often added to the arm of a jacket or sweater, or even as an embellishment on a bag or purse, patches can be made in a variety of styles, including embroidered, woven, printed, leather, bullion, PVC, or chenille.

No matter which branch of service you wish to feature, custom military patches can be made to replicate the symbol of each branch.

Custom lapel pins are a classic choice for military memorabilia.

Custom Military Pins

Custom pins from The/Studio come in a variety of different styles, which makes them perfect for different military fashion applications. The/Studio’s finishing options for custom military pins include enamel, 3D mold pins, die-struck pins, and offset epoxy pins, as well as several backing types to fit your needs.

Military pins can be designed to replicate the branch logo of your choice, and with the option to make custom-shaped pins, you can even get the wings cut out.

Custom challenge coins are a popular military product.

Military Coins

To commemorate special military events, anniversaries, and accomplishments, military coins are a beautiful way to show your allegiance to your branch of service.

The edges of custom military coins from The/Studio are highly customizable, including options for petal cuts and text on the edges. They can also come in a variety of colors and designs, with each coin molded from a mixture of metals and then plated with a variety of finishes and colors.

Custom coins are also available with beautiful display boxes to fit your specific occasion.

Custom tie bars make great gifts for military service members and veterans.

Military Tie Bars

Designed to add a bit of fashionable flair to the debonaire outfit, military tie bars take style to the next level. By sporting a military tie bar, the wearer can subtly draw attention to their chosen branch of service. Military tie bars are a perfect addition a suit-and-tie occasion and are great gifts for groomsmen, upscale clients, and business associates.

Create Your Custom Military Products at The/Studio

For those who serve and protect their country, military patches, military pins, military coins, and military tie bars are special ways to feel connected to the military family and show their pride among their civilian friends. Military accessories are also a great way for civilians to show their appreciation and respect for those who protect and serve, which could be why custom military products from The/Studio are so popular.

With The/Studio’s fast turnaround times, no minimum order requirements, and high-quality products, creating custom military accessories has never been easier. Shop our custom military products to see all of the patches, pins, coins, and tie bars available, then start creating your custom product today.




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