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Sew-On Patches: 14 Fashion-Forward Ways to Wear Them

Trends come and go, but one trend has persisted decade after decade: sew-on patches. From A-listers showcasing leather or jean jackets chock-full of patches to social clubs or athletic groups sporting a team emblem, the look is undeniable, and it’s here to stay.

Whether you put them on your canvas backpack or your satin accessory, sew-on patches are versatile and highly customizable. You can even design one-of-a-kind patches for special events like weddings or anniversaries. Here’re 14 possibilities for wearing custom sew-on patches.

Fashionable Applications for Sew-On Patches

Whatever style you are going for, there are numerous fashion-forward ways to wear patches to achieve different looks. Maybe you’re inspired by your favorite celeb’s Instagram or are just looking for a simpler motif for your school or university athletics program — with a custom patch, you can easily create a design that perfectly suits the look and tone you’re after. Some of the most popular patch styles include:

1. Special event patches — Sew-on patches to pair with a wedding “save the date” are a fun and unique option for your guests. Fundraising events or local shindigs can also be uplifted by a fun patch favor option for attendees.

2. Retro patches — As we mentioned before, sew-on patches have been around for decades. The 80s brought the heavy metal era, while the 90s meant punk rock, sitcoms, and patch-covered denim coveted by teens. Grunge expressions are still sought after today, and you’ll see patches at pretty much any rock concert you go to.

3. Trendy patches — Patches are versatile and can be placed on t-shirts, jackets, jeans, sweats, or matching apparel. Celebrities often wear the same branded, custom embroidered patches on multiple apparel items. You can use those as inspiration and easily put your own unique spin on these styles with customized patches.

4. Simple and sleek patches — Pair sew-on patches with black jeans or other custom accessories. These patches can be subtle in design but still pull the eye toward them as the centerpiece of a sophisticated look.

5. Refined and sophisticated patches — Whether buying for athletic club teams, sororities or fraternities, or other organizations, you’ll need to purchase sew-on patches for blazers and sweaters in the colors and materials that match your organization’s traditions. Pair patches with custom pins to make a prestigious statement for organizational members.

6. Chic, sporty, and casual patches — When you own an e-commerce specialty store or you’re the leader of a men’s group or a captain of a baseball team, you’ll want to outfit your crew and customers in classic, sporty style. Finish this look with custom socks and baseball caps.

Even More Ways to Wear Custom Sew-On Patches

Once you’ve nailed down a style for your custom patch, you can start to think about how you might like to customize it for your specific use. Here are even more possibilities for sew-on patches:

7. Outdoor wear for church camps, scouts, camping, hiking, and running clubs — Encourage your club members or online customers to strive for specific achievements and honors with custom sew-on patches.

8. Band and athletic apparel — A variety of custom patches for letter jackets, jerseys, hats, and even for your team’s sports bags can help foster team spirit and a greater sense of unity.

9. Executive and travel garment bag patches and handbags — Custom patches are great incentives for employees and sales team members who demonstrate continued loyalty to your business.

10. Motorcycle or biker patches — Patches give bikers the rugged fashion they need for gathering at events or just hitting the open road with pride.

11. Military or uniform insignia — Climbing the ranks is part of the profession in the military and for groups like ROTC or the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. That’s why it’s important to work with a provider who offers free design services for hats, greens, blues, and other uniform apparel, and who can ensure that designs meet exact specifications.

12. Organization fundraising and marathon gear — Excellent for getting the word out on t-shirts or for pairing with jackets for causes like breast cancer awareness or other nonprofit initiatives.

13. Police and firefighter patches — Sew-on patches can be cut to shape to represent a badge, shield, tools, or other emblems for your unit’s uniforms.

14. Brand or logo patches — Backpacks, handbags, hats, jackets, beanies, dress shirts, and joggers all present unique opportunities to show off logos and invite interest and questions about your business from onlookers.

As you can see, there is a sew-on patch possibility for just about every group or occasion!

Sew-On Patches: Knowing Your Options

When you need to design custom patches for your online store or organization, it’s important to choose a quality custom designer who provides free design help and a variety of custom patch options. Sew-on patches have been in style for decades, but today there are more options available than ever before. As you research manufacturers and design possibilities, keep the following in mind:

•  Size: Custom patches range in size from 2” to 12”, so you have a wide range of size options.

•  Style: The manufacturer you choose should offer you multiple style choices based on your preferences, including embroidered, custom-printed, and bullion patches with wire stitching and 3D effect options. 

•  Material: Different materials provide an overall look and feel for your online product options. Your manufacturer should provide a wide selection of material solutions for custom patches including polyester blend twill, chenille, felt, black ballistic nylon, camouflage, satin, taffeta, and reflective materials.

Identifying a Reputable Custom Designer

When you’re ready to move forward with a reputable custom designer, you’ll need one who offers a variety of sizes, materials, and customization options, as well as a simple way for ordering in the latest styles a custom-designed sew-on patch that will make all the difference for your special team, troop, online store, or organization.

The/Studio is a custom designer with an on-demand free design tool ready to help you create the custom sew-on patches that are exactly what you’re looking for. Whichever of these 14 ways you are going to use your patches, highest quality and a smooth manufacturing process should never be something you have to worry about.

The/Studio is a custom sew-on patch designer that enables creators to design custom patches more quickly and efficiently. If you’re interested in creating custom patches for yourself or your organization, contact us or create your product today.




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