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Start Your Own Business With The Help Of Custom Patches

Where Do I Get Custom Patches for My Own Business?

Starting your own business is very exciting , it’s a long process and a lot of hard work but the benefits and freedom of owning your own business makes it all worth it!  I have spoken with many business owners , and I always asked them what is the most difficult part of owning their own business and many of them have told me that promoting their business is such a challenge. I always tell them that custom patches are a great advertising tool and work for any business or company. I would like to share with you why custom emblems are a great way to promote your business , you will find that custom embroidered patches are versatile and can be used in any setting.

Many companies or businesses participate in trade shows , having a booth at a trade show is a great way to attract potential customers. A booth will bring you business but what will make a customer remember your company after seeing hundreds of companies in one day? A custom insignia! They make a perfect promotional item , they look amazing and are very light in weight so people won’t mind carrying them around all day and taking them home. You can choose from a variety of different backing options , I also recommend an magnetic backing because potential customers can use them as refrigerator ornaments and your custom patch will always be seen because of the frequent use a refrigerator gets. I also recommend adhesive backings because your customers can adhere them immediately and then you have “walking advertisements” .

You can also sell your custom logo patches at events , selling your custom patches will not only be helpful for marketing purposes but it will also allow you to make some extra revenue for your business. Custom emblems are very inexpensive , at Patches by The Studio you can order patches starting at .50 cents per unit to $3.00 per unit. You don’t have to spend a lot to earn a lot!

Another great way to promote your company or business is to create apparel that represents your company  , when someone represents your brand or company it’s like a walking billboard. At Patches by The/Studio we not only offer embroidered emblems ( which can be sewn onto shirts , backpacks , bags, etc .) we also offer custom caps , custom shirts , custom woven labels and we can source any product you can possibly think of !

Patches by The/Studio really knows what it takes to create custom emblems and other products that will draw attention to your business. We know how that the promotion of your company is the key to the success of your company , custom patches are an amazing advertising resource. Promoting your brand , company or business has never been easier , it’s just a patch away!

Below are some of the custom insignias  and other products we have created for blossoming business. I hope that you will be able to be inspired by what you see!





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