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Top 5 Bespoke Baseball Caps Made by Our Customers

You don’t have to go to Lids to find dope baseball caps. Our customers have made some of the coolest hats we’ve ever seen! Here are our five favorites.

Often lists of the coolest baseball caps are dominated by international brands and high-end fashion outlets. But here at The/Studio, we think that’s bogus! Plenty of small boutique retailers, and even individuals, have made incredible bespoke baseball caps with us. You don’t have to be Supreme or Burberry to make a stellar hat.

In this article, we’ll share a few of our favorite custom bespoke hats. But first, let’s answer that burning question…

What in the Heck Does Bespoke Mean? 

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “bespoke” is an adjective (a word used to describe a noun) meaning “custom-made.” So the phrase “custom bespoke hats” is actually redundant. Bespoke and custom mean the same thing! 

However, bespoke generally has an added connotation of high class or wealth. Bespoke is often used to describe suits, for example, or other expensive formalwear.

In the English language of yore, the verb bespeak had various meanings, including “to speak,” “to accuse,” and “to complain.” In the 16th century, bespeak acquired another meaning—”to order or arrange in advance.” It is from that sense that we get the adjective bespoke, referring to clothes and other things that are ordered before they are made. You are most likely to encounter this adjective in British contexts, such as the 2008 Reuters story about a young pig in Northern England who was fitted with “bespoke miniature footwear” (custom-made Wellington boots) to help it overcome a phobia of mud.


So in a sense, everything at The/Studio is “bespoke.” All our products, from our hats to our patches to our woven labels and even challenge coins… are all bespoke! 

You may have not heard this word before because it’s more commonly used in England than it is in the United States, but bespoke baseball hats are commonly searched on Google. That’s why we decided to write an entire blog about them 🙂  

Our 5 Favorite Bespoke Baseball Hats Made by The/Studio Customers 

We have been in business a long time, so we’ve helped create thousands of bespoke baseball hats for a variety of different clients. To give you some inspiration, here are the top five bespoke hats we’ve made for clients here at The/Studio.

custom leopard hat

5. There are so many things to love about this hat. It says “Hater” and it’s leopard print, do we need to say more? 

custom floral hat

4. We love everything about this hat!

custom cartoon hat

3. A cool design and a cool hat. Nothing more to say!

custom m hat

2. The big, bold “M” paired with the vintage denim look… a surefire classic. 

custom 5 panel hat

1. Felt bespoke hats just scream “high-end” but they’re surprisingly cheap to make! No wonder they make our #1 spot. 

Make Your Own Bespoke Baseball Cap with The/Studio

We love these ball caps, but the best part about all of these is that they were quite easy to design and produce! At The/Studio, anyone can become a high-end bespoke hat designer. Work with one of our Creative Specialists to craft a design, or use our Create Tool to create your own bespoke baseball cap all by yourself! 

Remember, when you order bespoke caps with The/Studio, you’ll take advantage of:

  • A variety of special options to truly make your cap bespoke 
  • High quality 
  • Fast shipping 
  • Low order minimum quantity 
  • In-house designers
  • Custom branding and packaging

Make Your Own Bespoke Baseball Cap Now!




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