What Is a Kiss Cut Sticker?

Who doesn’t love a good sticker? Whether you’re young or old, rebellious or straight-laced, stickers are timeless and act as the perfect memento. Creating and ordering your own sticker designs has never been easier, but there are a few options and varieties available that you need to be aware of before placing your order.

Never heard of a kiss-cut sticker? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

How Does Kiss Cutting Work?

The process of kiss-cutting stickers is very similar to other styles but produces a unique product. While other stickers usually have both their vinyl and backing cut simultaneously, creating a sticker in its final form, kiss cutting only cuts the top vinyl layer, meaning it comes with a large backing you need to peel the sticker from.

We perform this process using state-of-the-art lasers that create the sticker exactly as agreed on beforehand and are ready immediately for sticking anywhere you wish.

Differences Between Kiss-Cut Stickers And Die-Cut Stickers

The only real difference between kiss-cut and die-cut stickers is how we cut them out. Both use the same kind of technology to create them, are entirely customizable, and UV laminated, but with die-cut stickers, a laser cuts through both the vinyl sticker and the backing. In contrast, kiss-cut only cuts through the vinyl itself – leaving the sticker and the backing effectively ‘kissing’ – hence the name.

Die-cut stickers are generally more popular and more affordable, but there are several significant advantages that kiss-cut stickers have over their cousins.


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What Are the Best Uses for Kiss Cut Stickers?

Intricate Designs

Kiss-cut stickers are ideal if you have a more intricate design or irregular shapes that might get snagged if they were die-cut. Having a surrounding border gives the sticker extra protection you don’t get with other methods and also makes them much easier to hand out.

Easier to Peel Off

If you need to peel off a lot of stickers, die-cut can get frustrating very quickly. Kiss-cut stickers are much easier to peel off, making them a much better option if you’re doing your sticking in bulk.

Added branding

With kiss-cut stickers, it’s not just the sticker that stands out. While the backing isn’t part of the actual sticker, you can always use it to add extra branding or more information. It can also look more professional because you’re not handing people a sticker in a strange shape.

Bulk Stickering & Extra Promotional Material

Ordering kiss-cut stickers means getting all the stickers you want on convenient sheets, and this can include extra promotional material, such as logos, slogans, buzzwords, or images. This allows you to expand your stickering dramatically and is ideal if you’re handing out many different designs or messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Called a Kiss Cut?

Kiss-cut stickers get their name because when lasered out, the laser only cuts the top sticker layer, not the larger backing, leaving the two sides ‘kissing’ until you unpeel them.

How Are Kiss Cut Stickers Made?

Kiss-cut stickers are made of high-quality laminated UV and cut to perfection using lasers. The final product comes on a larger backing sheet from which you can peel the sticker.

What Is the Difference Between Kiss Cut and Die Cut Stickers?

The only difference is that with kiss-cut stickers, the laser goes only through the top layer, leaving the backing uncut. Die-cut stickers come in exactly their sticker shape, while kiss-cut is larger with a backing you don’t use.

Interested in Designing Your Own Kiss Cut Stickers? Let Us Help!

Some people say stickers are coming back into fashion – another of those vintage blasts from the past – but really, they’ve never gone away. Stickers are a fun, colorful, and unique way to make a statement, immortalize a memory or achievement, or simply advertise a product. Stickers are cool, and we all know it.

Designing a kiss-cut sticker is up to you. When you’ve got that brilliant concept in place, head to The Studio, and we can work with you to turn that rough design into the sticker of your dreams. It’s fun; it’s easy – everybody loves a good sticker.


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Why wait? Select your options, share your artwork, and we’ll get you started on your custom products.


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