What Is a Trucker Hat?

Sometimes, it’s easy to confuse the trucker hat with its much older relative, the baseball cap. However, with differences in functionality, design, and history, this hat is an iconic fashion accessory that firmly stands on its own two feet.

Popular among celebrities and the masses alike, these hats are making a return to the scene!

What Are Trucker Hats?

While you might not know it, you’ve probably seen a lot of trucker hats of late since they’re a statement fashion piece that offer a distinct look and sets them apart from other forms of headwear. Different variations of these hats include snapback, vintage, flat bill, and foam front caps.

What started as a promotional accessory given to agricultural workers, such as farmers and truck drivers, by farming supply companies has turned into an accessory that everyone can wear with style. When truck drivers wore their hats on drives all over the United States, they made the trucker hat famous.

What Is the Difference Between a Trucker Hat and a Baseball Cap?

At first glance, it might seem like the trucker hat and the baseball cap are twins, but once you clock their differences, you’ll realize it’s better to think of them as cousins.

Functionality and Use

The two caps serve different purposes, which you’ll notice from their design. Trucker hats have mesh panels at the back to allow for constant ventilation. It’s hardly surprising then that trucker hats are popular with those who love outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, or working outside. The foam front panels also protect against wind and light rain.

Baseball caps have stiff bills that create shade that protects against harmful UV rays. This layer of protection from the sun makes them an excellent outdoor sporting accessory, such as when playing baseball, golf, or everyday tasks in the sun.

While you can use either cap when running, baseball caps offer more glare protection, helping runners stay focused on their performance.


As mentioned above, the differences in design alter the wearer’s choice to pick either a trucker hat or a baseball cap. So, what are these crucial differences?

Like the baseball cap, the trucker hat has a brim, or bill, and a foam front section that makes the hat stand up taller and straighter than other caps. The remainder of the hat is constructed out of plastic mesh and offers a snap closure at the back to offer one-size-fits-all ease.

While the trucker cap will have snapbacks, not all snapback caps are trucker hats. While some more contemporary trucker hats might remove the foam front, true trucker hats have the iconic mesh and snapback.

On the other hand, baseball caps can vary in look. Still, all typically have triangular sections that join at the top of the caps, usually with a fabric-covered button, and sport a curved brim at the front.

You’ll also notice that the baseball cap offers a little ventilation with fabric or metal eyelets and grommets on the top of the hat. While the baseball cap used to be a fitted design, you’re more likely to experience wearing baseball caps with adjustable features and even stretch-fit fabrics nowadays.


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Baseball caps came first with their creation during the 1850s for sportswear. It wasn’t much later, until around the 1970s, that they became a popular non-sporting accessory. While the first-ever baseball caps used straw for the New York Knickerbockers, it’s safe to say they’ve stood the test of time.

In comparison, trucker hats are a reasonably modern creation. Originating in the early 1980s, these accessories were a handy promotional giveaway to farming workers. They were less expensive than baseball caps, could adjust to fit anyone, and the high front panel meant companies could place their logos for all to see.

What started as a low-cost marketing tool has since turned into an iconic fashion accessory in its own right. Even now, you can customize trucker hats to market your brand or make your hat unique!

Are Trucker Hats Still in Style?

Absolutely! Vogue, the iconic fashion magazine, discusses how to prepare for the popular return of trucker hats and notes the celebrities sporting them already.

2 Trendy Ways To Wear a Trucker Hat

Front Facing

Keep it casual and simple by wearing your cap front-facing, showing off the brand to everyone.

Wear It Backward

Feeling rebellious? Wearing your cap backward will let the world know. Put the brim to the back and the mesh to the front of your head.

Design Your Own Custom Trucker Hat With The/Studio!

Trucker hats are a must-have accessory, so why not go back to the origins of trucker hats and customize your own today, whether to showcase your brand or your unique style to the world?



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