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Custom Scarves

Who said neckwear was just for the office?

Custom Scarves

Who said neckwear was just for the office?

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Turn up the heat with our custom sports scarves.

Cozy up in our thick knit blends while showing off your custom design in an old-school collegiate block font, featuring optional fringe on the sides. Or you can opt for our snug polyester scarves featuring vivid printed imagery to show off scenes from past victories. For either, we can even attach custom labeling to further show off your team spirit.

See Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can the front and back of my scarf have completely different designs?

    Yes! Our scarves are double-sided and either variety can have a different design on each side for no extra charge. The only catch for knit scarves is that their fronts and backs must share the same yarn color palette of 5 or less colors. Dye-sublimation has no such limitation and can even have a different team on each side, in case your team starts losing.

  • How many colors can I use in my knit scarf design?

    We recommend a color limit of five colors or less for knit scarves, but can sometimes accommodate more colors. Just ask your Creative Specialist and they’ll be able to tell you if we can make an exception.

  • Can I make a custom scarf fringe on the end of my knit scarves that’s different from the one advertised?

    In addition to the colors, we offer a high level of customization here as well. The fringe length can vary from the common fringe length of three inches, and you can even opt out of having the “gathering thread” that we typically add, leaving your fringe free to swing in the breeze (for us it just gets tangled in the zipper). You can even have a fringe on just one side of the scarf, if you’d like. We don’t ask questions, we just make scarves.


  • Of what material are your scarves made?

    Our knit football scarves are made from fine acrylic yarns, Jacquard woven by an industrial round-spool machine that lends them a distinctive two-sided durability without a seamed border. Our dye-sublimated scarves are made from 100% polyester fleece fabric which is soft to the touch, quite warm in the winter, and excellent for full-color edge-to-edge printing.

  • Can my design cover the entire area of a scarf?

    Yes. Both knit and dye sublimated scarves can do designs that run edge to edge. However, we advise that main design elements should be kept ½ an inch away from the border to ensure no cutting-off of designs. For dye-sublimation, a border of 2 inches is recommended for maximum clarity; during the manufacturing process elements in these areas can sometimes be cut off or less clear.

  • Can you add text or letters onto my scarf design?

    Yes. To ensure legibility, we advise letters be larger than ¾ of an inch on knit scarves and ½ of an inch on dye-sublimated. Please note that curved letters cannot be achieved on knit scarves;lettering on them has a distinctive and desirable “blockiness” that becomes less agreeable with smaller text.

  • I have this great photograph — can you make it into a scarf?

    Dye-sublimated scarves are exactly what you’re looking for. This printing style can achieve infinite colors and gradients, just like those found in hi-resolution photography. In order to prevent fuzzy or unclear prints, the photograph or artwork must be a high-resolution JPEG, TIFF, AI or PSD file above 300 DPI. If you are unable to provide a high resolution photograph digital image meeting this specification, we cannot recommend printing a photograph onto your scarves.

    For full-color digital printing of designs that are not photographs but have many colors and/or color gradients – like logos or artwork – we still suggest that you provide a hi-resolution digital image meeting the above requirements. Our design team can provide complimentary assistance in in digitizing/vectorizing these images. Occasionally this process will add to your turnaround time.
    Unfortunately, due to their nature, knit sports scarves cannot accommodate photography.

  • What is “bleed” and do I need to do anything different because of it?

    Like most things involving custom clothing, this one’s best explained visually.

    Bleed and Safety Area

    Here’s an image where we’ve placed all the vital information and graphics on a sample image within a zone called “safety,” but extended the image past our desired “trim” point into the “bleed.” Read the following and you too will be able to speak industry jargon:


    This is the the perimeter around your image that will be cut off but gives us working space. Please include a .125″ bleed around your images — this would turn a 6″x4” item into 6.25”x4.25”.


    This is where we cut the “bleed” off to achieve the desired size. To ensure legibility and a better aesthetic vital graphics and text should not run up against the trim.


    This is where all vital graphics must go to guarantee their not being cut. “Safety” is .125” within your desired trim point; you’ll see we’ve placed all our vital text within this zone.


  • Will I get a physical or photographic sample before my entire order is manufactured and shipped?

    Photo samples are provided for knit scarf orders; if you’d like, you can authorize us to skip this process and receive your order 3-6 days quicker. A physically shipped sample will allow you a full tactile experience but will lengthen your production time and add a shipping fee. We do not provide samples for dye-sublimated orders orders.

  • Can I get a digital proof of my design?

    Yes. At the end of the complementary design process, in which you’ll have unlimited control over the creative direction, you’ll receive a digital mockup. This is exactly what we’ll send to the factory and is provided within one to two business days after payment of your invoice or before if you request it. If it’s not exactly what you were imagining, send it back for further perfecting — and if it’s exactly what you want, send it to our factories immediately by approving it.


  • How do you price your scarves?

    We put a lot of thought into our prices. Some of the more important variables are quantity, stylistic add-ons, size and “surface area” of the modifications  — i.e.,  how much printing or other graphically-related work does the project require? The person most equipped to give you a price for your product is your sale representative or our useful DIY — both can give you a detailed analysis of your quote and what things featured into our per-item price. Happy hunting!


  • Can you ship internationally? And does it cost extra?

    Knit scarves ship anywhere in the world, absolutely free. Dye-sublimated scarves will require a shipping fee for destinations outside of North America as well as an extra one or two weeks due to customs. Sometimes our Canadian customers also experience shipping delays of a week or so, but fortunately they’re more used to the cold, eh?

  • What sizes are your do your scarves come in?

    For knit, any length is possible, whether you’re putting outfitting a little league team or an NBA line-up. We may need to adjust the standard price for some of the more different lengths, however. For dye-sublimation, we can only do the following sizes:

    Standard Dye Sublimated Scarf (LL-S412) Size: 60″ Length x 8.0” Width

    Quick-Print Dye Sublimated Scarf (PF-SCRF) Size: 60″ Length x 9.5” Width

  • Do you have a minimum order quantity for scarves?

    No, we don’t. If you’re looking for a no-minimum scarf producer, we’re one of the few folks who do that. Still, we recommend that if you’re going the through trouble to order one, you might as well have a dozen or more made — your sales representative would be happy to show how the per-price unit goes down tremendously after even ten items. That’s because we spread the cost of your unique custom scarf’s set-up across however many that you order.

    That said, if you want something that’s truly one of a kind, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be happy to make a limited edition run of just one.