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We have fifteen years experience in sourcing within China.

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Our Story

COVID-19 has really defined my year and my company’s year.

I previously lived in China for 10 years, where I started a traditional trading company and eventually developed a hybrid software and trading company — The/Studio. Our goal was to digitize the supply chain and we ended up raising a series A in Silicon Valley.

Our company still has deep roots in Southern China where we have a team of 40 people — I was there as recently as early January. Since then, we’ve been navigating this pandemic from one continent to the next, keeping our team safe and figuring out how to get our supply chain back online. We even had to ship masks to our staff and factories so that their workers could be protected and get back to work.

While our regular custom apparel business has shrunk, I’ve been personally emailed by clients and friends asking if our company can help navigate the fraud, corruption and confusion in this chaotic new supply chain of vital masks. That’s what this is all about.

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We were inundated with requests. Everything from a COVID testing facility that did not have enough protective gear for their team.

Our View On Wearing Masks

by Joseph Heller, CEO
First let me start off with my position on the efficacy of wearing masks. Many government agencies in the US and Europe have said that the average person does not need to wear masks. I am of course not a medical doctor so I’m not qualified to make medical recommendations, but from my perspective this advice is ridiculous. Basic logic would dictate that masks can protect people from contracting COVID.

Fair Pricing

There is a global shortage of masks, and the USA is not the only country being affected by this. At its core, the raw materials that go into these vital resources have nearly tripled in prices, further exacerbating the high prices of newly produced masks intended to replace empty stocks. We’re doing our best to negotiate low prices for you — including buying in bulk and warehousing large quantities of the masks ourselves. For our families, our friends and our customers, we are selling certified, quality masks at as close to cost as we can.


PPE Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between KN95 and N95?+

These KN95 masks are rated by the Center for Disease Control as suitable replacements for the now-scarce N95 facemask.

Like the N95 masks, they block up to 95% of particles .3 microns and larger, drastically reducing respiratory risk by wearers.

Why are your masks labeled disposable when your site says that they're reusable?+

All masks, including N95s and KN95s, are meant to be disposable in case of contamination or being soiled. In non-crisis times, most media facilities will not reuse masks even once — and this is the ideal usage of masks. In times when mask supplies are limited, however, certain types of masks, like N95s and KN95s, are sturdy enough to be washed and reused. Hospitals rely on a variety of methods for sanitizing masks, including UV light treatment and hydrogen peroxide vapor baths. Please note that The/Studio cannot and does not recommend any specific decontamination process for domestic use as, without proper methodology, you may accidentally lower the effectiveness of the mask.

How do I know that these prices are fair?+

Our prices may be higher than “pre-crisis” prices you see around the internet — there are a few reasons for this. Prices for the raw materials behind masks and respirators — from cotton to elastic — have almost doubled due to the exponential increase in demand for these products. The second reason is the increased amount of due diligence our team must perform to protect our customers from fraudulent product — these teams are highly engaged and highly trained.
Thirdly, pre-crisis prices involved a slow supply chain involving sea shipping — a months-long delay many of our customers can’t afford, which is why we ship exclusively via air. While this does mean additional customs fees and surcharges, we believe speed is of the essence during this time and worth a marginally higher cost per mask.
You can find N95s and KN95s for sale on the internet for lower prices than ours — but chances are, they will not come with any sort of verification, quality control or assistance with highly complex customs negotiations. Our prices are acceptable and welcomed by EMS groups, military units, major corporations and small businesses — and when you receive yours, you’ll that their quality is the reason why.

What is your Return Policy?+

Due to the nature of the items being both personal-use and safety-related, all sales are final once shipped.

Can I buy in custom quantities?+

Yes. Starting at 25 pieces for KN95s and 100 pieces for 3-ply disposables, you may order any quantity above that. For large bulk orders, please contact us directly.

Are your products safe?+

We are taking great precautions to only source from reliable partners. There is a lot of fraud going on right now, and we are ensuring that all of our products have proper certificates to enter the US in compliance with FDA guidance.
Click here to learn more about our due diligence process and how we certified our masks were the highest quality.

When will I receive the items?+

The estimated turnaround time is roughly 5-7 business days. Some orders may experience longer delivery times due to unprecedented courier delays as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where are these items coming from?+

Our products are sourced from China — easily the country most equipped to meet the demand for masks and other personal protective equipment during this urgent time. With an existing operations office already established in-country, our team is able to do on-site verification and quality control of products. We ship directly from our consolidation center to minimize the amount of time your product spends in transit.

How much is the shipping fee?+

Shipping is free!

Can we customize the product design, add our own logo?+

Due to the demands that we are receiving, we are unable to customize the products in order to fulfill the timelines of the order. However you may order custom cloth masks here.

Can you just donate the masks?+

We're selling these masks nearly at-cost, and that includes expensive air shipping directly to the United States. Believe us: as a company that suffered this epidemic two months before the United States did, we're too aware of its realities. We wish there was no need to be selling these at all. However, leveraging our supply chain experience to give access to KN95 masks to anyone who needs them is the best way we know to help, and we found that we've been the sole supplier willing to help out front-line enterprises like shipping companies, security services, grocers and more — in addition to rural medical services and small-town ambulatory services who will be entirely overlooked by federal efforts. We think we're doing our small part in fighting this nightmare.

Can I use my store credit?+

As of the moment, no we don't accept store credit.

Are we able to do Net 30 for the customer?+

As of the moment, no we don't accept Net30 terms.

Are you legit? Where can I verify your company?+

We're an American-owned company that's worked with veterans groups, fire departments, police departments, EMS troops, boy scout troops, small businesses and international brands like Tesla and Google over the course of ten years. Our speciality is custom apparel creation — and that expertise allowed us to not only get a $11Mn series A from early Facebook investors but also quickly pivot to sourcing high-quality masks. - # 6315861

Do you have CDC / NIOSH certified N95 masks?+

We offer a CDC approved substitute for the NIOSH-certified N95 mask.

Why do my masks look different from those I saw on your site?+

Product photos on our site are for demonstrative purposes only. In our efforts to meet the unprecedented levels of demand for personal protection equipment, we've partnered with a variety of licensed, verified suppliers. All of these vendors produce masks that meet stringent medical and technical standards — however, the shape of these masks, as well as their color, may differ depending on material availabilities. Rather than delay your order over aesthetics, we've opted to ship these vital resources as soon as we can.

Why do my masks have an odor?+

Some masks may have a smell not unlike mothballs. This is the byproduct of the sterilization process each mask undergoes before shipment, and most valid masks will have something like it depending on the sterilization process used by the manufacturer.

Can your masks be used in a medical setting?+

Our masks are being imported as non-medical masks. This means they are not waterproof, whereas medically-approved masks are. Please speak to your administrators or consult the websites of the FDA or CDC, for guidance on whether these masks are appropriate for your needs.