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6 Details to Check In Your Custom Lapel Pin Art Proof

Lapel pins are popping up everywhere, including the art, fashion, and business world. And people are always searching for ways to get or make custom lapel pins to hop on the trend.

Versatile yet subtle, these tiny metal pins are pretty customizable and can spotlight any design: from branded logos and unique illustrations to vivid colors – you name it!

However, you’ll need a professional art team that can use your ideas to create an art proof before your design goes to final production.

An art proof isn’t just a depiction of your design; it is also a perfect opportunity to review the design’s details to make sure everything is correct.

If you don’t know the key details to check, we’ve got you covered. We have rounded up six important things to check in your lapel pin art proof before giving your approval!

Names and Spellings

If you’ve got a name or text on your lapel pin, you need to double-check it! It’s particularly essential to check the names of places, brands, organizations, and personal names.

While we make a concerted effort to verify spellings and grammar, you may probably catch an error before we catch it.

To spot errors easily, don’t speed read over a text. You can place your finger at each word and then pronounce each letter while you pronounce the text. Pronouncing the text will help prevent glossing over the text and make you spell it in your mind. 


Imagery is important when it comes to making a great impression. If your company or brand has a theme color, ensure that the Pantone color numbers used in the design suit your branding requirement. 

Further, if you have some color ideas, it is ideal to forward all of them at once so we can send the depictions back to you at once. 


Lapel pins are defined by the longest length or breadth (from top to bottom or right to left). Here is what we mean: a lapel pin dimension can read 0.80-inch tall by 1.50-inch wide. 

Since pins are based on the longest dimension, the size of this pin would be 1.50-inch. So, make sure you check the size represented on the art proof because design and cost depend on the size.


Just like checking for spelling errors, double-checking the font to ensure it fits the tone and concept of the pin is important. Is the text modeled properly? On a visual level, what impression do you want your text to make? 

Capitalized large fonts often grab attention while standard sleek designs pass the message without overwhelming your design’s imagery. Checking the art proof is a chance to explore various font choices and how they depict your personality.

Revision Number

It takes about two or three revisions to perfect your lapel pin design. A revision number helps trails the revised or ordered version. Make sure the revision number corresponds with the final version. You don’t want to approve the earlier version instead of the final version, do you?

Make Sure Every Feature Is Included

It’s normal to get distracted by design features only to find out later that you missed a vital feature or content! Going through the list of what needs to be on the art proof and checking it off won’t cost you anything! 

If your order has been verified and shipped to manufacturing, it might be too late to apply changes. Confirming what features you want in or out of is absolutely important.

After going through the art proof, If anything looks out of place, make sure you state it. Custom lapel pins tell a story, depict your personality, and costs money too! Hence, do well to make sure everything is perfect.

The Bottom Line…

With a variety of pin options and designs, there are several options for customizing your lapel pin. However, these tips cover a few important areas of your pin design. We hope this guide helps you when you want to comb through your art proof when you create your own lapel pin at The/Studio.




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