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Awesome Ways to Acknowledge Your Employees This Labor Day

Labor Day is here again, and it’s time to show your employees how much you appreciate them! Sure, Christmas bonuses do go a long way to show that you care, but nothing says we love your dedication like Labor Day acknowledgments. 

The question is, what can you do to show your appreciation? Do you give out custom pins, t-shirts, pens, beanies, and keychains? We have a few suggestions for you. We hope these ideas help you just as they have helped us! 

Verbal Acknowledgement 

Your employers don’t get to hear a heartfelt message from you every day. Labor Day is a great day to make it happen. 

A verbal acknowledgment might be a better option if you have a lot of employees. This message could come in different ways. 

  • An email blast to employees thanking them for their contributions. 
  • A shout-out on social media 
  • A broadcast speech in all offices. 

Employees love hearing how their actions have helped contribute to the success of an organization. Light up your employee’s hearts with verbal acknowledgments this labor day.


Employee discounts are a thing, but a special discount for labor day is an idea you should consider. This special discount can last for a month or a few weeks. It can also be open for the next product any employee buys. 

This idea would work well in malls, boutiques, and stores. Best of all, your employees get to feel appreciated and loved by this gesture. 

Family Picnics 

Organizing an employee family picnic is so much fun. Needless to say, this only works for small businesses and businesses that operate as a close-knit family. It doesn’t just give everyone a time outside the work environment to bond, but it is also fun for employees and their families. 

You don’t have to cater to everyone if you can’t afford to. You can secure a location and get everyone to bring something, making it a bit of a summer potluck for your employees. 

If possible, share company merch like stickers, embroidered patches, to employees and their families. This labor day celebration can double up as a farewell to summer. 


Sometimes, words don’t cut it, but gifts do. Sending gift items to your employees is a great way to acknowledge their efforts, especially if your employees are few. Think small pastry shops, coffee shops, saloons, and bookstores. 

In such business organizations, excellent staff communication and interaction is a given. That close-knit community means employers know their employee’s tastes, personalities, and hobbies. 

So getting the right gift would be quite easy. However, if you don’t know your employees well (especially corporate organizations), there are awesome neutral gifts you can stock up to gift anyone. Here are our favorites for this Labor Day.


Enamel pins are a stylish keepsake that shows you value your employees. These pins feature many exclusive recognition themes targeted towards employees who make a difference. 

Why enamel pins?

  • They are Attractive. Enamel pins remain a great gift choice for companies that appreciate class in an era of more casual workplace environments. A lot of professionals still value the exquisite clothing accessories, and customized pins remain a common choice.
  • Easily Customizable. All you need is a theme, design, and a message of appreciation or personalization to show off the holiday spirit. You can customize pins for specific professions such as military members, teachers, nurses, firefighters, social workers, and more. 
  • Affordable. Just because you want the best gift doesn’t mean you have to spend more than you can afford. Custom pins are fashionable and inexpensive gifts. You can also buy them in bulk if you want to save more. 


Customized keychains are durable and will surely make for a classic gift. To your employee, it will be a show of appreciation and how much you care. You can make this gift personal by engraving names and your company logo. No doubt, keychains will come in handy, and it is perfect for any gender. 

Hats and beanies

A hat is indeed a gift that keeps on giving. If you get a quality hat, your staff will wear it for many years! What’s more, custom hats and beanies are also versatile accessories, and they make it easy to create outfits around them.

So keep your employees happy and fashionable with gifts that show your gratitude while they remain connected in style.


Custom socks are fashionable yet useful gifts your employees will love. Make it unique by including your brand color, logo, and design.

There are countless employee appreciation gift ideas: from custom pins, socks, and stickers to keychains. If you have an idea in mind and want to personalize it to highlight your gratitude, let us know!

You can also check our product catalog for other employee recognition gift ideas. The Studio has your back from design to production. 




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