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Different Ways to Use Stickers As Labels

When you hear the word ‘stickers,’ what comes to mind? A play item for kids featuring stars, teddy bears, unicorns,  and other fun things, right? While The/Studio can help you design such stickers, today, we are here to discuss the different ways to use stickers as labels for your brand.

Stickers and labels are an affordable and highly effective tool for improving your brand’s identity. Whether you are using stickers as labels to draw attention or add a fun yet effective twist into different areas of running your business, stickers can spread your brand message far and wide in ways that other marketing tools just can’t. 

Hence, we’ve compiled great ways you can use stickers to make your marketing more memorable.

personalized stickers

Product Packaging

Custom stickers are the perfect alternative to labels, as with designs, colors, and custom shapes, you can mix up how your products look while still offering customers important information. 

Using stickers as labels could be precisely what you need to make your products more eye-catching, so people can see and pick your product over others.

Serial labels

Like product packaging, you can design Serial Labels for your products. Effortlessly create barcodes, serial number labels, SKU numbers, and more with several materials options that can stick to any surface.

Brand Information

Sticker labels can serve as business cards too! You can use stickers as labels to provide information about your brand or product. This could be your address, contact information, social media handles, and other information that makes it easy for customers to find or contact you.

Brand Promotion

If you have promotional offers or information for your customers, stickers can be an excellent way to highlight special offers. By attaching labels with the information on your product, you can increase awareness. For example, if you will be offering a price slash or black Friday promotion sale, you can attach it on sticker labels for increased awareness.

Box seals

Any chance to wow customers while improving brand exposure is not one to be ignored. That’s why utilizing stickers as labels for box seals is a great move. A sticker with your brand logo to seal a packaged box will make you look professional and ensure lots of people see your logo, thereby boosting brand exposure.

Build Brand Community

Custom stickers can be used to build your brand community. For example, you can use bumper stickers for customers to show off your brand. If your company has employee uniforms or items like t-shirts, bottles, or hats, brand the uniforms with sticky labels that highlight your company’s logo.


If you offer e-commerce services, you can use sticker labels on the shipping boxes. This makes it easy for customers to know where the delivery is from once they see the boxes.

And that’s seven ways your business can use stickers to label your products! Stickers can help strengthen your brand and promote product interaction with customers. You can be as creative as you want to make a bold statement about your brand or convey information to customers.

Want a customized sticker for your brand? Great! Get started right here!





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