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FAQS About Embroidered Custom Patches

FAQS about Embroidered Custom Patches

When ordering your embroidered custom patches you may have several questions. You can always ask your knowledgeable creative specialist who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding custom patches, but if it’s in the middle of the night and you can’t wait until the morning to speak to your creative specialist and you need the answer right away, you can read this blog and hopefully it will provide you answers to your questions.

Q: What are embroidered custom patches?
A: Embroidered custom patches are pieces of artwork that are created using an embroidery machine. These embroidered custom patches are made using cotton twill and different color threads. Usually embroidered custom patches convey a theme, event or logo that states the person or groups message. These embroidered custom patches are usually placed directly onto an article of clothing or can be used for a scrapbook. Twill is usually used as the background for the design and a plethora of thread colors are used to create the details of the image, there is a decorative stitch that overlays the edge of the twill fabric to make your embroidered custom patches. Embroidered custom patches are commonly worn by police officers, fire fighters, military, girl scout, boy scout, security guards,soccer players, college students, martial artist and many more. Embroidered patches can be applied in several ways, such as sew-on, iron-on, Velcro, adhesive, and more!

Q: What’s the maximum number of colors I can have my embroidered custom patches?
A: The maximum number of colors a patch can have is 18 different colors. If you are going to use more than 9 colors, the price of the embroidered patch will increase. We offer up to 9 different colors for free.

Q: What are my choices for background?
A: We offer many twill background colors for our embroidered custom patches. We can match any color or pantone color!

Q: What backings are available for embroidered patches?
A: There are many backings that are available for embroidered patches, including:
– No backing (sew-on)
– Iron-On backing
– Adhesive backing
– Magnetic backing
– Velcro backing

Q: What backing would be best for cotton material?
A: Iron on backing works extremely well on cotton material, this option is strong and durable.

Q: What backing would be best for polyester  (nylon and spandex) material?
A:  Our iron on backing option works well on polyester, this option is strong and durable.

Q: What backing would be best for vinyl material?
A: Our iron on backing option works well on vinyl, this option is strong and durable.

Q: What backing would be best for work-out clothing (sweatpants etc.)
A: Our iron on backing option works well on work-out clothing, this option is strong and durable.

Q: Where can I find custom embroidered patches?
A: At The/Studio, we create high-quality and long-lasting embroidered patches at an affordable price. We specialize in creating patches for our customers that we know they will love. We use the best machinery and inspect every order to ensure everything meets our high standards, as well as yours!

Q: Can you put apparel with a patch sewn on it or ironed on through the wash?
A: Yes.  We have tested  embroidered custom patches both sewn on and ironed on and put them through a wash and dryer 100 times, and the patch remained on the garment.  In fact the average garment will only last around 50 washes, so your embroidered patch from Hero Patches will probably outlast your garment.  Here is a tip, if you no longer want the garment, but want the patch, you can simply cut the patch out of the garment and sew it on to a new piece of apparel.

Q: Will the colors “bleed” and will the edges fray if you put it through the wash?
A: As mentioned above we have put our patches through 100 washes to test the results.  There was no fraying or “bleeding” observed.

Q: Why should I choose your iron on option?
A: Our Iron-On option only cost an additional $.10, and it is really well worth it.  With the iron-on option, you have the choice of sewing your patches on, but also the flexibility of being able to use a heat press to seal the patches onto your apparel or other textile, or you can use an iron.
In addition sewing takes more time, and if you take your patch to a tailor to sew, it will cost you anywhere from $.50 to $3 per garment.  The extra $.10 you spend on an iron on option, can save you time and money, and the patch will stay on, just as well as it would if you were wearing the patch.

Q: Will my sewn-out sample and final product look just like the digital mock-up I received?
A: Embroidery is an art, and inherent in art is the possibility of imperfections.  Embroidery is not the same as printing where a design can be copied 100%.  Embroidery is a completely different medium, and even the weather can make differences in the final sew out.  These differences are slight, but again because embroidery is a completely different medium, there will be slight differences.  However, this is why we send you send you a  mock-up sample and sewn out sample via email before we begin final production.  Only after you confirm the sew out, will we begin final production.  The final production will look exactly like the sew out that you approve.

Q: I have an existing patch, can you duplicate it?
A: We definitely can.  Just take a picture of your patch and we will be able to replicate it almost exactly.  Check out this blog post that describes how we recreated patches that were almost 50 years old for a Navy Veteran.  For the closest matches, send your product to us, and we will send it back to you, once we complete production.

Q: What is the difference between Merrow Border and Regular (stitch) Border?
A: A merrowed border patch means that a special type of thread is sewn around the edge of the patch to sort of seal the edges of the patch.  A lot of our customers believe that merrowed border patches look a lot cleaner, because there is no thread that puckers out on the edges of the patch.
The choice of choosing a merrowed border or stitched border is really one of personal preference.  The only set rule is that a merrowed border generally does not look good on 100% custom embroidered patches, but again we have come across customers that like merrowed borders on 100% embroidered patches.  Check out one of our blog posts about borders to get another opinion on the border debate, or check out our special options page to read more about merrowed borders.

Q: What’s the minimum amount of pieces I can order?
A: We accept minimum orders of 1 piece, the price of one piece is $65.00 However, once you order 10 pieces you will begin to receive our wholesale pricing and the price decreases significantly

Q: What’s the maximum amount of pieces I can order?
A: If you’d like order 7 billion pieces, one for each human being in the world.   Although we are asked this question a lot, the answer is obvious, we will take any order.  Our largest order has been for 500,000 patches and caps, and it was for a famous video game release.

One of the most powerful things about doing business with Hero Patches is that we have an extensive network of suppliers.  Mott’s the company that makes Apple Sauce, once had an order for 20,000 pieces, and they called us on a Thursday and needed delivery for the following Tuesday.  No other company could meet this delivery schedule.  However, we were able to meet the deadline by combining the resources of five of our factories together.  We had all 20,000 pieces in the customer’s hand by Tuesday, 10AM.

Q: How long do you keep my design in your system, in case I want to order more of the same design?
A: We keep record of your custom product forever.  We keep a digital record of your product in your customer area, as well as our customer database, and we also keep one physical copy of your custom product in our warehouse.  If you want to reorder, simply tell your Creative Specialist, and we will be able to quickly reproduce your custom order again.

Q: Do you offer a military discount or a senior discount or any other discounts?
A: Yes we do.  The military is one of our biggest customer’s and we are proud to regularly serve the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and National Guard units.  We offer a 15% discount for all military related orders, and free shipping to APO/FPO addresses.

We also offer a 15% discount for seniors, and any non-profit organizations.

Q: Can you match or beat any price from another company?
A: There is a lot of poor quality promotional, fashion and other custom products that are produced by thousands of other company’s.  At Hero Patches we focus on high quality premium custom products.  You can’t compare our prices with poorly produced products.  However, with that said, we are confident that we offer very competitive pricing, and our prices are only slightly more products produced by many inferior competitors, and for competitors that produce similar quality, we pride ourselves on being the least expensive, because we produce very large quantities each month.  We offer high quality premium custom products, at a fair price, and if you find another American company that offers a product of similar quality, we will be happy to beat their price.

Q: Can I order different designs in one order?
A: Yes you may order different designs in each order.  The cost will be slightly more expensive, because we incur setup cost for each new design.  However we also save money on shipping you the product, so it will definitely be less expensive than if you were to make several separate orders of different designs.

Q: Do you offer wholesale prices?
A: Once you order 10 or more pieces are prices are wholesale prices.  Although we focus on producing very high quality custom products, it is our goal to price the product low enough so that you can affordably pass them out as promotional products or giveaways, or have enough margin to successfully distribute them at wholesale prices to your customers, or earn profit by selling your product directly via retail.

Q; What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Check, Wire Transfer and Pay Pal.


Q: How long does the mock-up sample take to receive for a standard shipping order?
A: You should have your mockup complete and sent to you for approval within 24 hours.  The quicker you approve your mockup, the quicker we can begin production on your actual sample.?

Q: How long does the mock-up sample take to receive for a rush shipping order?
A: Rush orders obviously take priority and we will have your rush order mockup to you within 4 hours.  It is important to quickly approve the mockup so that we can offer you our quickest turnaround time.
Q: How long does the actual sample take to receive for a standard shipping order?
A: We will have a picture of the actual sample emailed to you within 2 to 5 days.

Q:  How long does the actual sample take to receive for a rush shipping order?
A: We will email a picture of the actual sample to you for a rush order within 1 to 2 days.

Q: Can you really meet any deadline?
A: We pride ourselves on doing the impossible and on doing what our competitors cannot do.  We have done some truly amazing things before.  The Houston Rockets NBA team once needed embroidered patches for their cheerleaders for a Friday night game and they called us on a Wednesday.  Even local suppliers in Houston told them it would take at least one week to have the patches in their hands.  We were able to get the patches to them by Friday, 10AM well before the game.

A coordinator for a national trade show, forgot to order custom lanyards for the trade show.  They called us on a Tuesday and we had 20,000 custom lanyards in their hands by Saturday.  None of their regular suppliers were able to meet their deadline and we earned a customer for life.  We were able to do this, by combining the resources of several of our suppliers together.

Q: How many times can I submit an edit during the sampling process?
A: Our answer is how long does it take to get a piece of artwork perfect?  To us custom products are artwork, so we don’t limit our customers to a certain amount of edits.  The truth is that more than 90% of our customers approve their order after the first sample.  Our art and production team is very well trained, and they receive bonuses for producing perfect work, so we are very good at getting things right the first time.  However, we aren’t scared of working with true perfectionist, and we will provide you with free samples until you are 100% satisfied.

Q: Can you match my design?
A: We will work with you to choose the right colors and material to match your artwork exactly.

Q: I just have a rough idea of what I want, do you have an artist that can help me?
A: Not only do we have a professional and dedicated art team, they are at your disposal free of charge.  If you just have an idea or that proverbial drawing on a napkin, our art team will work with you to produce the perfect artwork, free of charge.

I hope these frequently asked questions will be of benefit to you, we look forward to assisting you and answering any questions you may have that were not answered on this blog.




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