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FAQS About Your Hat Order


If you have a question about ordering custom hats (or an order you already placed), don’t worry! You’re in the right place.

Whether you have a question about your custom hat order or you’re just considering ordering custom hats and want to learn more, we’re here to help. Let’s dive in!

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We Hear You… Get All Your Questions Answered!

Custom hats are one of our most popular types of custom merchandise. Everyone from fashion brands to sports teams, outdoor enthusiasts, influencers, and gamers make custom hats, and we get lots of questions about the custom hat-making process. That’s why we decided to make a dedicated blog to answer ANY questions you might have about your hat order.  

In this blog, we will go over the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about custom hats. However, we encourage speaking to a Creative Specialist if you have any further questions!

FAQs About Custom Hats

Q: What limitations should I be aware of when creating my cap design?

A: At The/Studio, all the merchandise we offer is completely customizable, and we pride ourselves on doing everything humanly possible to build a cap according to our customer’s requirements.  Very rarely there will be certain limitations on text and shape, but even if there are limitations, we will work on a solution to meet your needs. Let your Creative Specialist know your needs and we are confident that we will find a solution.

Q: Can you do different styles of caps?

A: We can do any shape or style of cap or hat that you can imagine! The styles of caps we can produce include (but are not limited to) Flat Bill New Era Style Caps, Traditional Baseball Caps, 5 Panel Caps, Castro Caps, Two-Tone Caps, Three-Tone Caps, Visors, and Beanies.  If you do not see what you are looking for, tell us and we’ll work with you! We have the expertise to manufacture any style cap or hat.

Q: What is embroidery coverage?

A: Since The/Studio manufactures every cap from scratch, there is hardly any limitation to embroidery coverage. If you order from a company that embroiders onto a pre-manufactured cap, you are usually limited to an embroidery area of just three inches. However, we can embroider up to 4.5 inches.  Not only that, our cost includes embroidery in up to three areas, including the brim!

Q: What are the parts of a custom-made cap?


The crown is the front part of the cap that fits over the top of your head and touches your forehead. This is usually the main area of embroidery and customization. Crowns are either low profile, medium profile, or high profile by adjusting the angle of the front crown. Low profile crowns slant backward, while high profiles angle almost straight up from the bill. 

The crown of the cap is also what determines if the hat is structured or unstructured. Structured caps have a buckram fused to the inside of the cap to keep the front of the cap ridged. Unstructured caps have no re-enforcement and the cap material sits loose against the head.


The top button is a fabric-covered button that sits directly on the top center of the hat at the intersection of the fabric panels. The button’s color can match the material of the cap or be a contrasting color.


Eyelets are round holes sewn into the cap for increased ventilation and style. Eyelets can have sewn borders or metal grommets.


Panels are pieces of fabric pieces used to create the shape of the cap. Most caps are 6-panel caps with a seam in the center of the front crown but there are also 5-panel and 8-panel caps. 5-panel caps are mainly used for “trucker caps” or caps that have screen printing on the front instead of embroidery. 

In any case, panels are sewn together with thread matching the color of the cap material or with a contrasting color. The panel fabric is normally cotton twill and can be brushed or made thicker if needed. Other fabric types include wool, mesh, or performance materials that allow for greater moisture-wicking or ventilation.


The bill (or brim) is the visor that extends out from the crown of the cap to shade you from the sun or elements. The bill is normally curved or can be flat as in “pro-style” caps. The bill is made from plastic sandwiched between two pieces of fabric. A contrasting sandwich is created by adding a third piece of fabric along the front of the bill, between the top and bottom fabric. The sandwich fabric is normally in a contrasting color, and can be screen-printed with text for customization. Some bills are “flip-style.” This is when a contrasting color of fabric is used on the bottom of the bill and is folded up and over the front of the bill, to look similar to a sandwich-style bill. 


On adjustable caps, there are a variety of closures used. The most popular are Velcro, sliding buckle, deluxe locking brass buckle, and plastic snap (the latter is typically used on trucker caps). Fitted and FlexFit caps have no closure on the back, nor do they have a hole in the back.


The sweatband is the fabric used on the inside edge of the cap to help absorb sweat and odor and keep your cap clean and dry. Sweatband styles range from standard cotton to high-performance synthetic material with advanced moisture-wicking properties.


Embroidery is the traditional method for decorating caps and hats. Embroidery is normally done on the front, sides, back, or bill of the cap, and can come in the form of standard embroidery or 3D puff embroidery. 3D puff-style embroidery requires a fairly simple design but creates an extremely raised image on the cap. Screen printing is another way of decorating caps, but it’s not as popular as embroidery.


There are several special options and additional features you can add to your custom cap. You can choose just one or two, or mix and match from the numerous options we offer!

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Stitching on the bill can range from four rows to eight rows, and the length of your hat bill will vary depending on the hat style.




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