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Give a Custom Patch As a Gift

Gift giving can be quite challenging, we have all been faced with not knowing what to give as a gift, it’s such a stressful feeling and sometimes the gift you end up buying isn’t as thoughtful as you wanted it to be. Give the gift of a custom patch and you will never have to stress or worry again. Custom patches make great gifts because they are always original and always thoughtful. We have created many custom gift patches for our customers. Today I will be sharing their custom gift ideas with you and how you too can give the gift of patches!

A embroidered patch is a great gift to give anyone on their birthday, no matter how old they are. A couple of months ago I received a call from a woman named Judy, she said that her husband’s 50th birthday was fast approaching and she wanted to give him a custom biker patch for his Birthday. Judy’s husband, Kevin, had just gotten his motorcycle license a couple of months ago. Judy realized that Kevin had a bike and a helmet but no leather jacket and no custom emblem. She decided that for Kevin’s birthday she would buy him a leather jacket and sew a large custom patch onto the back of the jacket. This is a perfect example of how custom emblems make great Birthday gifts, think of the birthday boy or girl’s hobbies or interest and create a custom patch that represents them. e

Custom embroidered patches make great Christmas gifts, last Christmas season, I received a call from a amazing mom named Teri. Her son had just received his letterman jacket for basketball, he was so excited about getting his jacket. Teri wanted to order a custom insignia for his letterman jacket to give to him on Christmas day. This is a great example of how thoughtful custom patches are, you can wrap a embroidered patch and put it under the tree or you can use them as stocking suffers!

Custom patches  make amazing wedding party favors, we created some custom patches for a wonderful couple named John and Leslie. They were getting married in a couple of months, they wanted to give their guest embroidered emblems to take home as party favors. I thought this was such a wonderful idea! You and your guest will always be able to remember your wedding, custom patches last a lifetime and you can even put the custom insignia into a scrapbook or photo album.

I hope you were able to get some great patch gift ideas. Custom patches make the best gifts because you can personalize them and design them anyway you want. They are customized patches so they are unique and you won’t be able to find them in any store. Give the gift of a custom patch today!


Below is the letterman patch, that was given as a Christmas present.

100% embroidery




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