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How Much Do Custom Patches Cost?

Quality and cost are paramount concerns when buying anything. Luckily, you’ll be surprised at how affordable high-quality custom patches are!  

By Owen Clarke

Whether you’re shopping for a new car, a chicken burrito, or a roll of toilet paper, quality and cost are the two principal factors that all buyers take into account. No one wants to pay more than they have to pay, but no one wants to spend money on a product that doesn’t get the job done, either.

Those $2 burritos from the food truck near your office might be easy on the wallet, but they sure aren’t easy on the stomach a few hours later…

Custom patches are the same (although luckily, even the worst ones won’t give you food poisoning). 

All jokes aside, it’s important to do your research to find out the style, design, size, and patchmaker that works both for you and your wallet. 

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The Cost of Your Custom Patch

Here at The/Studio, your options for customizing your patches are essentially limitless, and all will play a role in the cost of your order. There are dozens of characteristics you can modify, such as size, colors, fabric type, backing, embroidery and stitching choices. Of course, the quantity of your purchase will affect your cost, as well. More patches = lower prices! 

For an estimated cost of various patch types at a set quantity and size (all else equal), see below. 

Embroidered Patches

$0.70 per Patch (200 patches at 2” wide by 2” long with 75% embroidery)

Woven Patches

$0.75 per Patch (200 patches at 2” x 2”)

Printed Patches

$1.17 per Patch (200 patches at 2” x 2” with digital printing)

Chenille Patches 

$1.31 per Patch (200 patches at 2” x 2”)

Bullion Patches 

$9.31 per Patch (200 patches at 2” x 2”)

PVC Patches 

$2.63 per Patch (200 patches at 2” x 2”)

Leather Patches 

$2.21 per Patch (200 patches at 2” x 2”)

Note: This cost will change depending on color options, fabric type, backing, size, and more. These example costs also include our current 40% OFF discount. Order now to take advantage of 40% OFF!

Our Cheapest (and Most Expensive) Patches!

Customized patches vary. As you can see above, our bullion patches are our most expensive patch, and our woven patches are our cheapest. But the price varies depending on the plethora of options you choose when creating and modifying your patch. 

If you’re designing embroidered patches, for example, the Velcro hook backing (with loop application) is the most expensive option, and the traditional “iron-on” backing is the least expensive. If you’re customizing your own printed patches, you can go for the luxurious (and expensive) White Fine Cotton Canvas fabric, or you can choose a cheaper fabric, like Black Polyester Twill. 

The point is that worrying about cost beforehand won’t get you anywhere. Cheap patch types can be combined with more expensive upgrades and vice versa. Everything is fluid. You simply need to get started designing, and let your imagination run free. 

Then, you’ll figure out what works best for you!

Our Pricing vs. Our Competitors

We don’t have our heads in the ground. We know there are plenty of other sites that let you design a patch online. But there’s no one quite like The/Studio.

For starters, we operate with no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). That means you can order 1,000 patches for a high school graduating class, or a one-off custom patch just for yourself. It makes no difference! There aren’t many other custom patch factories that let you order custom patches with NO MINIMUM.

Meanwhile, our 100% FREE SHIPPING also means you pay for what you order, and nothing more. Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re ordering a truckload of patches or a handful. The shipping cost will be the same regardless… ZERO!

We also offer discounts throughout the year that can lower your price even further! For example, we’re currently running a 40% OFF discount across the board. Be sure to check your email regularly to stay in the loop about these special offers.

In short, our prices vary, depending on the patches you make and the design options you choose. But there is no other place to design and custom order patches online where you will receive this level of customizability, quality, and customer service.






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