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How to Create Custom Logo Socks for Your Company

You’ve made company T-shirts…

You’ve printed custom company stickers…

Maybe you’ve even created custom logo mugs, hats, beanies, masks, magnets, pins, or patches.

But have you ever thought of creating custom logo socks for your company?

If you’re looking for a unique, out-of-the-box way to boost morale, spread the word about your company, or simply keep your employees’ toes nice and cozy during the winter, we’ve got just the thing: expert-designed, custom socks printed with your company’s logo.

Whether yours is a retail store, a software company, a lawn care business, or even a fast-food joint, custom logo socks are a great way to make your employees’ days and increase brand recognition. (All while possibly even making a profit!)

Don’t worry, you can put the knitting needles away – no need to get crafty here! With The/Studio’s DIY product creation tool, you can design high-quality custom socks within minutes, all from your phone or computer. At The/Studio, you can customize every inch of your company’s logo socks and have them manufactured at top factories, all with no MOQs, fair prices, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We’ll walk you through why making custom logo socks might be a good idea for your business and how to create custom logo socks for your company.


Why Create Custom Logo Socks for Your Company?

why create custom logo socks

Creating custom logo socks for your company can help you achieve your business’s goals, whatever they may be.

If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive way to give back to your employees, gifting a pair of custom logo socks is a great option. It’ll make their day and give them an easy way to rep their company whenever they’d like. Custom logo socks are a great just-because gift, but they also make excellent Christmas gifts, raffle items, employee recognition gifts, or even new hire gifts.

If yours is a client-based business, custom logo socks might be an especially good idea. Everyone could use an extra pair of socks… and gifting your clients a pair of socks that are branded with your company logo can double as a reminder of the excellent services you provide and the excellent relationship they have with you. Again, they make a great gift no matter the occasion.

Does your brand have a bit of a fan base? Why not sell custom logo socks to your customers? It’s a great way to generate additional income, whether you already sell clothing or you’re simply interested in selling merch at a discounted cost. (Not only will you make a profit from each sale, but you’ll enjoy free advertising every time a customer wears your socks – it’s a win-win!) After all, you paid good money to design your logo for a reason – may as well show it off and give fans of your brand the chance to rep it, all while possibly making a chunk of change in the process.

No matter what type of company you run, custom logo socks can help you boost employee morale, strengthen your relationship with your customers, and even drive profits. And the good news is creating custom logo socks has never been easier.


How to Create Custom Logo Socks for Your Company

how to create custom logo socks 2

Creating custom logo socks is an easy, straightforward process as long as you partner with the right company to manufacture them. The entire process can be completed online, with quick turnaround times and industry-leading customer service.

Here are the seven steps you’ll follow:

  1. Find a manufacturer

  2. Choose your sock style

  3. Choose your fabrication method

  4. Customize your socks

  5. Design your socks

  6. Approve a sample

  7. Receive your custom logo socks


Learn more about how to create custom logo socks for your company, step by step.

1. Find a Manufacturer

Even if you’re a magician with knitting needles, the quickest and most cost-effective way to create custom logo socks for your company is to partner with an excellent manufacturer. Here at The/Studio, we work with leading factories to bring high-quality manufacturing capabilities to small-scale creators and independent companies.

As you search for a custom sock manufacturer, look for the following features:

  • Wide variety of sock options – Look for a manufacturer that offers multiple sizes and styles of socks.
  • Customization capabilities – Look for a manufacturer that offers various customization options so you can really make your custom logo socks unique.
  • Design services – Especially if design isn’t your strong suit, look for a company that offers free design services with any custom product order.
  • Top factories – For quality control purposes, look for a company that partners with top factories worldwide.
  • Excellent customer service – Especially if you’ve never created a custom product before, look for a company that offers excellent customer service, ideally via phone, chat, and email.
  • Fast turnaround time – Whether you’re on a tight schedule or you’re just one of those people who likes to have things done as soon as possible, look for a company that can guarantee a speedy turnaround.
  • Great reviews – Keep an eye out for honest customer reviews so you can get a clear picture of what your experience might really be like.
  • Fair pricing – While you shouldn’t necessarily look for the absolute lowest price beyond anything else (after all, you get what you pay for!), look for a manufacturer who offers fair, competitive pricing.
  • Free shipping – While you’ll typically enjoy the most savings by outsourcing sock production overseas, shipping costs can really add up – look for a manufacturer who offers free domestic shipping in the U.S.
  • Low MOQs – Chances are, you’re not a huge brand looking to order thousands of pairs of socks. Look for a manufacturer with low minimum order quantities so you can order as many or as few as you’d like.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – Especially if you’re partnering with a manufacturer for the first time, you need some sort of guarantee that you’ll end up with a product you’re thrilled about. Look for a manufacturer that offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The/Studio checks all the boxes, all with a straightforward product creation process anyone can navigate. You’ll start with our DIY online product creation tool here.


2. Choose your sock style

custom socks choose your sock style

Next up, you’ll start the product creation process by choosing your sock style. At The/Studio, you’ll have the choice between no-show socks, crew socks, quarter socks, and knee-high socks.

  • No-show socks have an extra-low cuff, approximately 4 inches in total length. They are designed to not show at all when worn under shoes.
  • Quarter socks have a medium-low cuff, measuring approximately 8 inches in total length.
  • Our most popular style, crew socks have a standard cuff, measuring approximately 11 inches in total length.
  • Knee-high socks have an extra-high cuff, measuring approximately 20 inches in total length.

As you decide which socks to create, consider what your employees or customers might want. (You might even want to survey a few of them to get some feedback!) If you’re still not sure which style to go with, we’d recommend choosing crew socks – they’re a popular, safe bet!


3. Choose your fabrication method

Now, it’s time to choose your fabrication method. This will determine how your design will be transferred onto your sock. It’ll influence your socks’ overall look and feel.


  • Jacquard knit socks are custom-knitted, with your designs woven into the very fabric of the sock itself. They’re ideal for traditional custom socks with a clean, simple design. This is our most popular and most affordable fabrication method.
  • Dye sublimated socks are created with a heat-transfer printing process. They work well for more wild designs with lots of colors and intricate details that can’t easily be knitted directly into the sock fabric.
  • 360 printed socks use an advanced fabrication technique that removes any white gaps you might see in traditional sublimated socks. This fabrication method is ideal for designs that are dynamic, continuous, and require extremely precise printing.


4. Customize your socks

But wait, there’s more! Even after you’ve chosen the style and knit of your socks, you still have the option to customize even more features. Here’s a list of other customizations or add-ons you can request if you wish:


  • Pack size – Indicate whether you’d like your socks to arrive in individual packs, packs of 10, packs of 25, or all in one bag
  • Kitting – Add on additional packaging or kitting options, which may be very ideal if you’re planning on selling your socks at retail
  • Size – Choose the size of your socks, anywhere from baby socks to a men’s size 13
  • Material – Choose from six sock material options, including casual, dress, or active cotton blends
  • Thickness – Choose whether you’d like your socks to be regular, thick, or extra thick
  • Extra Add-ons – Customize your socks even further with optional embroidery, terry cushioning, compression ribbing, custom bottom grips, text detail, or custom cuff shapes.

Note that some of these customization options may come at an additional cost.


5. Design your socks

design custom socks

Now, it’s time to submit your design for your socks. 

If you’re just planning on decorating your socks using your company logo, this might be easy… but you’ve still got some decisions to make! What colors will you use? Will you print just one logo on your socks, or as a pattern throughout? Will your logo be big or small? Will it be on the cuff, on the foot, or both? Will your logo be embroidered? Will these socks typically be worn in a professional work setting, while lounging on the couch, or during a serious workout? Decisions, decisions!

When you order a pair of custom logo socks with The/Studio, you also get access to free design services. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options and would prefer to leave the design to a pro, simply submit a PDF of your logo and leave the rest to our in-house team of expert designers!


6. Approve a sample

After you’ve submitted all of your customization preferences along with a PDF of your logo or design, sit tight! Our team will get to work on creating a prototype of your socks for your approval. We’ll either send you a physical prototype in the mail or send a few photos of the mockup from all angles.

If you’re thrilled with the prototype, perfect! Our team will get to work on manufacturing the rest of your custom logo socks just like that.

See anything you’d like changed? That’s okay, too! Simply reply with detailed feedback on whatever you’d like to see done differently, whether it’s a design change or a different customization option. We’ll revise, send over another prototype, and repeat as many times as it takes to get things right. (Don’t worry – we’ll make any revisions totally free of charge!) 


7. Receive your custom logo socks

receive custom logo socks

Once you give us the green light, we’ll go straight to work creating all the rest of the custom socks you’ve ordered. Then, you’ll enjoy free domestic shipping within the U.S. 

Once you receive your custom logo socks, the rest is entirely up to you! Use them to boost company loyalty among your employees, build trust with your valued clients, foster brand recognition among your customers… however you’d like! And remember, your custom logo socks are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee – so you know you’ll absolutely love them or your money back!

Ready to start creating custom logo socks for your company? Start the process here!




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