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How to Make Custom Socks

Crafting your very own personalized socks has never been easier. Read on to learn how to get started! 

By Owen Clarke

Professor Dumbledore said it best when he quipped, “One can never have enough socks,” and we wholeheartedly agree!

Custom socks are an excellent way to add pizazz to any outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed to the nines for a business meeting and want to have a little flair hidden underneath your suit, or you’re just looking to relax around the house with a cup of tea and want some warm, knee-high socks to keep your legs nice and cozy. 

If you want to design your own high-quality custom socks, you’re in the right place! 

a woman on a computer ordering custom socks.

Don’t DIY Your Custom Socks 

You’ll probably find tutorials online on how to “DIY” custom socks. But if you really want to craft a quality pair of socks, whether it’s custom athletic socks or custom knee-high socks, then you should leave the sockmaking to the pros. 

Here at The/Studio, we specialize in adding personalized designs and flair to comfortable, durable socks that will last for years to come. We also offer a variety of add-ons that will make your socks stand out from the pack, from embroidery to sewn-on labels to terry cushioning, all at affordable prices. If you’re making socks for retail, we even offer kitting options, placing your socks on custom backer cards, offering a one-of-a-kind, “retail-ready” presentation. 

Do Your Research

Like any merchandise, not all socks are created equal. There’s more than one custom sock company out there, but it’s important to consider a variety of factors before you buy custom socks. These include:

  • Price 

  • Quality 

  • Turnaround Time 

  • Hands-On Customer Service

  • Special Options  

Look for a company that can offer you all of the above, and more. You don’t just want to go with any old custom sock factory.. 

Of course, we want you to do your due diligence, but we know you’re going to end up choosing The/Studio 🙂 simply because there’s no other custom merch company that can offer the prices, quality, and service we do. If you’re hesitant, check out our FAQs, and don’t stress with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Whether you’re aiming for your fashion brand to become the next Supreme or you just want to order a few dozen socks for your soccer team… 

We’ll provide you with the quality and customizability you deserve.

Decide Which Type of Socks you Want 

We offer four different types of custom socks. Whether you want to design sporty no-show athletic socks or stretchy knee-high socks, you can create the perfect socks here! 

No-Show Socks

No-show socks are designed to sit below the ankle, “hidden” out of sight. This style of sock features a low cuff (4 inches in length) and is ideal for athletic socks, skateboarding socks, no-slip socks, and casual socks.


Crew Socks

A timeless classic, crew socks offer the perfect length for showing off a cool design. Not too high, not too low. Measuring 11 inches in total length, this style works well for branded socks, dress socks, patterned socks, fashion brands, and promotional products.


Quarter Socks

Quarter socks are the happy medium between no-show and crew options. 8 inches in length, these medium cuff socks sit just above the ankle, offering a bit more warmth and protection than no-show socks, without the height of standard crew socks. While there isn’t as much space to show off a design, quarter socks make great athletic socks, as well as colorful socks and casual socks alike.


Knee-High Socks

If you really want to show off your sock style, knee-high socks are the way to go. Simply put, there’s more sock space to showcase spectacular illustrations and artwork. Knee-high socks are warmer than the other options, so they’re great for cold weather, and they’re all-around the best option for anyone who really wants to show off a unique design. They’re a great choice for fashion brands, patterned socks, school or sports uniforms, and streetwear brands.


How Socks are Made (Behind the Scenes)

Technical Drawing

Also known as “pattern coding” this is the part of the sockmaking process where your design is converted into a sock machine-friendly format. Parameters like yarn size, needle count per circle, number of circles, and so on are all used to convert your one-of-a-kind design to small “checks” in different colors, each representing one “loop” of yarn on the socks. 

Yarn Preparation

The specified yarns are then prepared for use, based on the colors needed for your unique design. If, under very rare cases, no good match can be found for the required color or if your socks will use a special material (like bamboo fiber), then yarn has to be dyed. 

Machine Knitting

The prepared yarns are loaded onto a cylindrical sock knitting machine, which uses the converted design to knit your socks!

Toe Sewing

Most socks machines don’t close the toe ends, therefore an additional knitting step is needed. We use a separate toe sewing machine to sew up the end of the sock’s “tube” at the toe of the foot. 


Fully finished socks each will be put on a sock plate (or board) facing upwards, and then move slowly on a conveyor belt through the boarding machine, where steam and temperature are applied so the socks become soft, clean, stable in shape, and easy to inspect and pack. Then, they’ll be shipped off to you! 

The Custom Sock Ordering Process 

When you design a custom pair of socks with us, you have two options. You can use the CREATE TOOL to design your socks from scratch, or you can chat directly with one of our Creative Specialists to get a bit of guidance before you get started.

Regardless, here are the steps you’ll take to whip up your first order of custom socks.

  1. Start by choosing which type of sock you want (see the options above).
  2. Choose the fabrication you’d like for your socks.
  3. Choose the pack size.
  4. Choose size, kitting, and other customizable options to truly make your socks one-of-a-kind.
  5. Submit your design. If you have a design already drawn up, you can submit that. If not, you can have one of our artists create a FREE sock design for you. 
  6. Once you submit your design and it’s digitized, you’ll receive a digital mock-up of your sock, and you can approve it or make edits.
  7. That approved design will be turned into a prototype sock. You’ll receive a picture of your physical prototype and you can approve it, or make edits.
  8. Finally, your feedback will be used to craft your very own custom socks. Soon, you’ll receive your socks by mail!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re unsure of anything, take time to read through some frequently asked questions from other sock creators who’ve used The/Studio. Chances are, whatever questions you may be mulling over in your head have probably been asked before! 

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