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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

Meet Ron LaBella from

Get to know Ron LaBella

The/Studio:Introduce yourself. Tell our readers a little bit about who you are!

Ron: Hello, my name is Ron LaBella. I own, and maintain the website It is a knife &  weapons related internet community.


The/Studio: Very cool! What does your business do?

Ron: We cater to knife collectors and actual knife makers worldwide.

The/Studio: What have you learned since starting your business?

Ron:I have learned that you cannot push a rope, nor herd cats! (It is difficult, but rewarding work managing an online community.)

The/Studio: Haha. We can understand that! What about your business are you most proud of?

Ron: I am most proud of our track record! This past October marked our 10th anniversary.

The/Studio: Wow! Congratulations! What are some of the greatest challenges you face with your business?

Ron: The greatest challenge is consistently delivering refreshing, engaging material,… free of charge.

The/Studio: We can understand that too!  Where do you see your  business in 10 years?

Ron: Hopefully 10 years older, and still going strong!

The/Studio: What type of legacy do you want to leave?

Ron: The legacy I hope to leave behind is that the Internet, as well as all of its information should remain open, and free.

The/Studio: That’s great! What is the story behind the custom product that you produced with The/Studio?

Ron: I have ordered many, many products from the Studio. Usually someone from our talented group comes up with an idea and we add our own flavor, or “touch” to it, or create it wholly ourselves. Very rarely do groups of people agree on all things!

The/Studio: Thank you for your business! How are you going to use this custom product?

Ron: We sell the fine products  that your team manufactures for us as a way to offset the cost of running the website/community. You would be surprised how much it costs to keep a server running with powerful state of the art software!

The/Studio: We can only imagine! Describe the custom product and what it means?

Ron: The last product we ordered from you is a magnetic patch. We used some previous artwork that you helped us create showcasing our 10 Year Anniversary, along with the JD Logo.

The/Studio: Do you have any promotions you would like to offer our community?

Ron: Join our community for FREE at!

The/Studio: Do you have any upcoming events that our community members can attend?

Ron: We have monthly meetings in New Jersey, and have a Grind In where participants come from all over the world to make their own knife, in Escanaba Michigan at Bark River Knives. knifes

The/Studio: Very cool! We would love to see some pictures from that event! Is there anything our community members can do to help your business?

Ron: Help spread the word that knives are not bad, but are tools. Man’s oldest tool. Thanks for the opportunity to showcase our little slice of the Internet, JerzeeDevil Forums!

Thank you Ron for sharing your story with us. We wish you continued success with your amazing business!









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