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Things to Consider When You Create Your Own Sports Socks

Creating and placing an order for custom sports socks is pretty straightforward at The/Studio. All you have to do is place an order, review the design, and wait for your socks to be delivered. However, there is more to creating sports socks than designs. Don’t know what they are? That’s alright, we’ve got you covered. Here are things to consider when creating custom sports socks. 


Socks design says a lot about an individual. Maybe even more than the shoe we put over them, and that is because socks can come decorated with a company logo, team’s mascot, or favorite sports player. 

Overall, your preferred design should depend on the purpose because some designs are mainly used for specific activities. Here are a few designs…

  • Knitted Design 

The knitted design is created with the use of needles controlled by a computer and optical sensors. After creating and perfecting the design, it’ll be fed into the computer while the needles do the rest.

  • Dye – Sublimated Design 

Dye-sublimated designs feature bright hues and sharp colors. To create a dye-sublimated design, several materials are dyed and transferred to the socks.

  • Embroidered Design 

Embroidered designs are popular in the world of sports. They are used to depict labels, logo designs, and other information required. 

  • Printed Design

A printed design is created using specialized paper and a heating press set at 400 degrees. First, the design is created on paper then a heating press is used to transfer the design to your socks. Customizability

Although you can embroider your logo on the outside of a plain pair of socks, is that actually the best option? It is best to order from a manufacturer that can customize the socks. This way, you can choose the design, colors, and other features to create a unique product!


Most socks are made with some synthetic materials to give elasticity, but synthetic materials are usually not breathable – not ideal for sports socks, right? The/Studio uses organic cotton as the base for socks because it makes for a cozy, soft, and breathable material that wicks moisture. 


The length of the socks is another vital feature to consider. This is not just for comfort but also because different sports require different sock length. 

There are three basic sock lengths, and they include; 

  • Knee-length Socks 
  • Custom Cuff Socks 
  • Quarter Socks 

Just as the name implies, knee-length socks end at the knees. Quarter socks are the most common socks for sporting events. These socks end at the shin. What’s more, custom cuff socks include custom cuffs as an aesthetic upgrade.

Special Features 

Any good custom sock manufacturer offers unique features which focus on improving function and comfort. These include invisible leg part socks, terry cushion, compression ribbing, and no-slip bottom grips.

Small Orders

How many socks are you looking to create? Creating just a pair of socks can limit the technique. A process known as dye-sublimation utilizes heat to print dye onto the sock’s fabric. 

The main benefit of dye sublimation is printing full, colorful designs that don’t fade. But, the quality of socks that the design is imprinted onto differ significantly. Plus, it depends on the manufacturer.

Embroidering a design on socks is an excellent option for small orders too. However, embroidery is quite pricey when producing larger quantities. Likewise, designs bigger than a quarter can be irritating due to the stitching inside the sock.

Large Orders

Sure, both dye sublimation and embroidery can be used on large orders, but we offer additional options. At The/Studio, we knit the design right into the sock, giving it a more polished and high-end product. Also, you can customize some features like blister tabs, colors, materials, and arch support. 

Find the Perfect Pair

We don’t only design socks, but we also create memories! Nothing makes an impression like custom sports socks designed for your team. The best thing about creating your own sports socks at The/Studio is that our team can assist you in choosing the right customization options for your socks.




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