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Top Accessories for Your Custom Lapel Pins

There’s one thing everyone in retail knows: presentation is everything. It’s the reason music, scent, and lighting are so critical to retail sales. These details create a memorable experience for the buyer that is unique to that specific retailer, helping consumers identify with a certain brand, lifestyle, or even level of professionalism and quality.

Accessories can make all the difference when it comes to pin presentation, whether you’re creating a pin for an awards ceremony or for a retail environment. Presentation matters, so check out how you can go above and beyond with our most popular custom pin accessories.

Top Pin Accessories from The/Studio

Clear Plastic Bag

For buyers looking for a simple and affordable packaging option, the clear plastic bag is the perfect pin accessory. This packaging option is a great way to protect your custom pins and keep prices at a minimum.

The poly bag has an adhesive closure that ensures your pins don’t escape their packaging, and since each pin is individually wrapped, you can feel confident your product will arrive in the same condition it left the manufacturing facility.

Acrylic Case

Designed for an elevated look and feel, the acrylic case is a great option both for unboxing and for storage. Each custom pin is packaged within an acrylic box with padding that protects the pin and ensures a chic presentation for the recipient. These boxes can be repurposed, and can be used by the pin owner to keep the pin nice and visible for years to come, thanks to their sturdy construction and clear acrylic lids.

Acrylic cases are the perfect pin accessory for sports pins, awards pins, and even logo pins.

Velvet Case

Designed for maximum presentation points, the velvet case is a classy pin accessory. Each custom pin is enclosed in the velvet case with padding and deluxe velvet that protects the pin and ensures the recipient will feel special. Just like the acrylic case, the velvet case is reusable, and ensures lasting protection with its quality construction and gentle velvet material.

Velvet cases are the top choice for awards pins, mementos, and 3D mold pins made of special metals.

Velvet Pouch

For buyers looking to package a larger pin, or one that offers a more regal look, the velvet pouch is one of our favorite pin accessories. The drawstring pouch is made of a quality velvet material that protects each individually packaged pin.

The velvet pouch is an excellent option for protecting hard enamel pins, 3D mold pins, and even custom dog pins or custom cat pins, which have a unique shape.

To learn more about how our pins are sourced, made, and delivered, check out our Frequently Asked Questions blog on The/Studio’s custom pins.

Shop Custom Pin Accessories

Custom pin accessories can make all the difference in a consumer’s unpackaging experience. That’s why we offer several different options for packaging your custom pin. Learn more about creating and producing your custom pins with your favorite pin accessories with The/Studio, then place an order.




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