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What to Look for When Choosing an Enamel Pin Manufacturer

There’s an overwhelming number of enamel pin manufacturers in the marketplace. Many of them require high minimum order quantities (MOQs) and high per-unit prices. And, most ask you to email or submit a contact form for follow-up customer service. Who knows when (or if!) you’ll ever hear back from them?

Busy people need simple and timely resources. When trying to manufacture pins — whether as products, promotional items, or employee or volunteer incentives — you need a simple creation process. Identifying important aspects of this process ahead of time can really streamline orders and reduce your time and frustration.

The Qualities of a Top Enamel Pin Manufacturer

When you’re selecting a partner for custom pins and accessories, you’ll need to find someone who’s truly your partner, who works with you to ensure lower per-unit costs, reasonable MOQs, an easy design and production process, and top quality. Here’s everything you need to look for.

Look for: An Easy, Online Tool to Design Your Pins

The simplest approach to working with an enamel pin manufacturer is to select one that offers an easy-to-use creators’ online design tool. A tool that includes free design help and offers a variety of options for your custom enamel pins saves you valuable time and money, eliminating the frustration of bringing your vision into reality. The process should require just a couple of things from you:

1)  Your design, either sketched on paper, created as a digital image, or presented as artwork

2)  Your manufacturer requirements, which will involve details like product style, quantity, quality, and packaging

To make the process truly quick and painless, you should be able to go online, select your preferences, upload artwork, and order your custom enamel pins in a few short minutes.

A good online creators’ design tool from a reputable manufacturer should offer:

•  A variety of product sizes, styles, and colors

•  The ability to make your design decisions from a simple screen

•  Free design assistance translating your idea into a product

•  A variety of backing attachment options such as butterfly, rubber, or deluxe clutch

•  A wide range of order quantity options, all at the lowest per-unit prices

•  Unmatched quality, proven by a design sample (and that should be free)

•  An assurance that the manufacturer will take care of all of the details, including shipping your product, at no cost, to your full satisfaction

Your custom enamel pin manufacturer should strive for excellence — not only in their online design portal, but in every aspect of their business, demonstrating high quality standards and effective production capabilities you can visibly and tangibly appreciate.

Look for: A Reputable Company with Premium Standards

Whether you’re ordering lapel pins for your online store or award pins for your business or organization, you’ll want to partner with an enamel pin manufacturer who adheres to strict standards, ensuring a high-quality outcome for all of its products. A reputable manufacturer of custom accessories will:

•  Develop custom enamel pins with multiple quality checks throughout the manufacturing process

•  Accommodate a variety of custom enamel pin options such as hard enamel, soft enamel, die-cut, or two metal colors of the same finish

•  Offer a digital or physical production sample that mirrors exactly what you’ll receive at the end of the ordering process. Extend a fashion quality guarantee that will ensure a quality product and refunds whenever necessary.

High quality standards are a simple request that should be honored and delivered across any order. And when it can be paired with a low cost, so much the better.

Look for: A Manufacturer with Low MOQs and Low Per-Unit Pricing

Whether you only need a handful of recognition pins for a specific team or you’re trying out a new pin design and don’t want to commit to a large quantity, pairing up with a manufacturer who allows for a low minimum order quantity is vital. The key is to find a manufacturer with strong connections to their factories, where this relationship allows them to prioritize small batches, still ensuring speed and quality in your order. The challenge is finding a partner who does that, while still making your small order cost-effective and affordable for you.

You’ll want to find an enamel pin manufacturer that provides all of the features you desire — without major upcharges. Features you need may include multiple colors and sizes, various finishes, and different options for backing attachments. There are often fees related to enamel pin finishes and materials that you should be aware of, like charging an additional amount for special materials like antique brass, shiny rose gold, antique copper, or shiny gunmetal. A reputable manufacturer will offer many of these material options at no or minimal extra cost, even in small runs. The right partner won’t have you sacrificing aesthetic for cost. It’s your design, and you should be able to create precisely the pin that you desire.

Finding a Provider that Works

Put it all together, and you’ve found the perfect partner: a high-quality enamel pin manufacturer who will provide all you’re looking for and more, including a design tool that allows you to select a variety of styles, colors, sizes, materials, and backing attachment options, as well as lower per-unit pricing and low MOQ requirements. And, they’ll truly be your partner, willing to help at every step of the process to make your design become an impressive reality.

So, when you need a simple solution without all of the hassles of an old-school ordering system, that provides excellent quality control and efficient manufacturing, how can you find that ideal partner? Look no further than The/Studio. 

The/Studio is a custom enamel pin manufacturing firm that enables creators to design custom enamel pins more quickly and efficiently. If you’re interested in creating a custom enamel pin for your group or organization, contact us or create your product today.




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