10 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Custom Patches

Custom patches are the perfect tool to market your company and boost your brand identity. They have become increasingly popular over the years due to their versatility and ability to add a unique touch to a wide range of apparel and marketing materials. 

Custom patches are also long-lasting, which means whatever mistakes you make during the design process are there to stay. This is why you must get the design right the first time to avoid wasting time, money, and resources. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the pitfalls that you should avoid as an SME business owner when designing and ordering custom patches to ensure product quality and satisfaction.

Misspellings or Typos 

This is the most common design error, especially for patches with text in the design, such as brand names and taglines. It is a small but significant error that can spoil an entire batch of custom patch prints. 

Typos and misspellings typically occur during mockup designs. But they’re often carried over into the final design because brand names and taglines are often not direct or simple English words. The print shop will simply produce whatever design you pass down to them without correcting the misspelling. To avoid this, always double-check the final mockup before approving the print. 

Wrong Color Shade 

Consistency is one of the most fundamental branding principles. Mismatching the color of your custom patch can render it unusable since it will not match other existing branding materials. One way to avoid this is to use a consistent color code for your design instead of simply selecting from a palette. This makes it easier to find and use the correct color during the design process. Choosing and using the same custom patch provider can also help ensure you get consistent results at all times. 

Color Contrasts 

Similar to the point above, the color of the design should be distinct from the background color of the apparel or accessory it’ll be printed on. This is crucial if you want your custom patch to stand out properly in the background. Before you finalize the design, ensure you test the mockup against a realistic color background to ensure it looks good. Also, avoid using too many colors in your design, as this can cause problems with matching colors later on. 

Wrong Size and Shape of Design 

When designing custom embroidered patches, you should consider the size and shape of the patch and how it’ll fit on the material it will be printed on. For instance, a custom patch meant to be printed on a hat will be smaller compared to a patch meant for a company tee shirt. 

Failing to get the size and shape right can affect legibility. The patch will also look disproportionate or cluttered, defeating the entire purpose of getting it. Always consider how the design will look when it is scaled up or down to fit the printing material. 

Not Adequately Researching Potential Users 

The versatility of custom patches means you can easily adapt them to different use cases. As a business owner, this gives you lots of options and freedom to choose as you please. Yet, you shouldn’t make this decision on a whim. 

Don’t assume people will love your custom patch, regardless of where it’s embroidered. Instead, your team should thoroughly research and analyze the target audience before designing and ordering customized patches. This way, you’ll find the most valuable and impactful custom patch designs and materials for them. 

Including Too Many Details 

Adding too many details or making your design overly complex can create a cluttered and confusing outcome. While modern machines can replicate even the tiniest embroidery details, think of the final readers, who are likely to find the design challenging to recognize. 

Oversimplified designs

On the flip side, making your patch too simple can make it look uninteresting, which defeats the purpose of creating one in the first place. The right balance of information and details on the patch will help communicate the intended brand message effectively. 

Paying Little Attention To Quality

A custom patch is a potentially impactful marketing material. Creating a piece that is visually appealing and accurately represents the intended brand message can go a long way in boosting your brand reputation and help achieve your marketing goals. However, achieving all these depends on the quality of the final print. 

Be willing to invest a little more effort in designing a quality patch right from the onset. You should also work with a professional custom path studio that pays attention to detail and has a good understanding of the process. Professionals also have the latest tools and best techniques to replicate your design to perfection. 

Not Considering the Backing Options 

This is one of the small but significant decisions to make while ordering a custom patch. The backing will determine how the patch will be attached. It may also affect the look and feel of the custom patch. There are different options, each with their own unique pros and cons. 

For instance, Sew-on backings are more durable but require stitching. Iron on custom patches uses heat, which makes them easier to apply. Velcro allows flexibility since it can be easily removed and attached. In choosing a backing option consider how the patch will be used, where it will be attached, and the likely preferences of the product users. 

Not Taking a Second Look 

This is the foundation of most of the problems that occur during custom embroidery production. In most cases, you’ll get a mockup or sample first before the design is batch-produced. You should double-check for spelling errors, inaccuracies, grammatical mistakes, and other errors that may have occurred during the design process. If possible, have multiple vet the final design before it is passed down to production. 


Custom embroidered patches are versatile and effective branding materials. But designing them can be challenging. Working with a professional design studio can help minimize the chances of errors like this in your custom patch design and production. Contact The Studio Technologies to order high-quality and error-free custom patches for your apparel and accessories.  



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