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Custom Dance Studio Patches

Custom Patch Dance Studio

I was contacted by a wonderful woman named Jill who owned a  dance studio in Malibu , California, they were hosting a mother and daughter sleepover for their dancers and their mothers. The sleepover occurred every year during September , it welcomed the daughters and the mothers back from summer break. At the sleepover they would have a talent show, pizza party and watch movies and they would sleep outside in their tents. It was such a fun time for the dance studio, everyone looked forward to this special event.

The owner of the dance studio wanted to order some custom dance studio patches for all the participants. She didn’t have a image she could send me but she knew exactly what she wanted on the custom dance studio patches. She said she wanted a pink patch with a mother and a daughter. She said she wanted the daughter hugging the mother and a moon and stars right behind them. She wanted the words ” True Friendship” and “2013 Mother-Daughter- Sleepover.” I thought this was such a cute idea, I gave our artist instructions and she created an adorable mock-up sample. Jill was so happy with the mock-up, she approved it right away.

We used75% embroidery coverage on the custom dance studio patches and we added a pink merrowed border on the custom insignia to make the custom dance studio patches  stand out. I was so thrilled to be able to assist Jill with making these custom dance studio patches because I think this is such a wonderful event she has planned. Thank you Jill for allowing me to be your embroidered patch hero!


custom dance studio patches




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