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The/Studio Announced Official Manufacturer of Patches and Pins Expo 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that The/Studio is sponsoring Patches & Pins Expo throughout the rest of 2019. PnP will be bringing patch and pin makers, vendors, and buyers together in a host of cities across the country. We’re proud to be part of an event dedicated to celebrating the unique creations of patch and pin makers from coast to coast.

Check out highlights from past events to see the magic for yourself.

With the Austin even just under two weeks way, we’re getting extra hyped and we hope you are too. Learn more below!

What Is Patches & Pins Expo?

Patches & Pins Expo has been the premier platform connecting creatives in the embroidered patch and enamel pin industries with the public since 2015. In the following years, it has grown into a vast, immersive flare event, incorporating fresh and inspiring pins, patches, art, and fashion from around the U.S.

When you go to a PnP event, you’re part of a truly special experience in which artists, vendors, and collectors have the opportunity to buy, sell, trade, and network all in one place. We’re beyond excited to be supporting the following upcoming PnP events:

Austin, TX – May 19th, 2019

San Francisco, CA – June 29th, 2019

Portland, OR – July 14th, 2019

Universal Studios Hollywood, CA – Date TBD

Santa Ana, CA – August 17, 2019

San Diego, CA – September 7th, 2019

New York City, NY – October 12th, 2019

San Francisco, CA – Oct 19th, 2019

Los Angeles, CA – December 14th-15th, 2019

The/Studio is excited to host the upcoming PnP in Austin.

Check out the PnP Eventbrite page for tickets to an event near you.

Why We Love PnP

At The/Studio, we live and breathe patches and pins, so there’s really nothing we love more than designers, brands, collectors, and even newbies coming together over a shared love of flare. PnP gives both creatives and collectors the space to truly celebrate the art of enamel pins and embroidered patches.

Plus, we can’t wait to meet some of the brilliant collectors whose creations we’ve helped bring to life through The/Studio’s on-demand manufacturing platform.

Make sure to follow Patches & Pins Expo on Instagram to stay in the loop (and see some amazing products)!

Special Giveaways and Deals

If the best and brightest of the pins, patches, art, and fashion world isn’t enough for you, we’ve got even more surprises. The/Studio will be giving away over 3,000 limited-release pins and patches at EACH event. Not only is PnP your chance to see firsthand the ins and outs of the pins and patches industries, but it’s also an opportunity to get your hands on some beautiful limited-edition products. Don’t miss out!

Here’s a handful of the product collaborations and giveaway items we’ve done in the past with Patches and Pins Expo.


Don’t forget to check out our website for exclusive flash sales and deals for this year’s PnP events.

Learn More About The/Studio

At The/Studio, our mission is to make manufacturing accessible to anyone by providing small-batch, quick-return manufacturing capabilities for a range of products. That’s why we’re making it easier for individuals, brands, resellers, collectors, artists, and everything in between to produce their own custom goods on demand. Follow The/Studio on Instagram to stay up-to-date on our latest collaborations with pin and patch creators.

Got an idea of your own? Visit our website to learn more about creating custom pins, patches, hats, and more with The/Studio, then check out our Create Tool to get started.




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