Why You Need Custom Tie Bars

Tie bars are both vintage and hip, and when you make them custom, you’re doubling down!

Does anyone still wear tie bars? The answer is yes. In fact, they’re coming back in style in a big way. That’s because tie bars give your tie a classic look, but are also extremely functional. No one wants their soup with a side of tie : ) Tie bars keep your tie in place and prevent your tie from moving all around! In short, tie bars are essential for any gentleman. 

custom made tie bars

When you have custom-made tie bars, it’s even better! Here’s why. 

What Makes Custom Tie Bars So Special? 

We know you can order tie bars from well-known brands, and if you’re a shop owner, we know you can buy a set design wholesale. But why not make your tie bars truly special? 

Like custom cufflinks, tie bars are one of the only parts of a suit that can be truly original. Suits are normally quite… Well, uniform! Small accessories like cufflinks and tie bars are one of the few opportunities you have to spice up your formal wear with a hint of personal flair. Why not take advantage of that, especially if you’re someone who has to wear suits regularly, like for work.

Think about it like this. If you’re someone buying a tie bar, whether to wear it yourself or to gift it to someone, why would you want to wear a simplistic design with no special meaning? Why wouldn’t you want something that you know no one else will have? 

And if you are a store owner, you probably realize that people are willing to spend more money on something custom-made. You can enjoy a significantly higher markup with custom products because people know that they are one of a kind. That’s why Etsy is in business. They carry one-of-a-kind items from individual sellers. Have you seen how much people sell things for on Etsy? 

How Do I Order Custom Tie Bars? 

If you are reading this blog, you are already in the right place. The/Studio will help you craft one-of-a-kind custom tie bars of the highest quality!

When you work with us, you can look forward to:

  • FREE shipping worldwide
  • No MOQs (we don’t require any minimum order quantity) 
  • Dedicated “Creative Specialists”
  • In-house design team. If you don’t have a design for your tie bars, we can create one for you!
  • Mock-up approvals. You will have TWO opportunities to approve or make changes to your tie bars before they are produced and shipped to you. 

We Had You at Tie Bars

And you had us at “custom” because that’s what we do here! Contact one of our Creative Specialists using the “Chat with Us” box on our homepage. If you have a design already, you can dive in yourself using our “Create Tool” (linked below) to begin crafting your personalized tie bars all on your own. 

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