Woven vs. Printed Patches

What’s the difference between woven and printed patches? How can you make your own? Let’s find out together!

Woven and printed patches are two of our most popular patch styles here at The/Studio. We offer seven overall styles, including chenille, bullion, PVC, leather, and embroidered. However, after embroidered, we find that custom woven patches and custom printed patches are the two styles most often chosen by our customers. That’s because they’re both affordable, simple, and versatile!

custom woven patches and custom printed patches

Woven Patches

Woven patches are made (or woven) with thread far thinner than the thread used for embroidered patches. This tighter, denser weave is used to produce a high-resolution design. These lightweight patches offer an insane amount of detail—and are also quite cheap! You can order 200 custom woven patches from only $0.59 per patch.

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Printed Patches

Printed patches are not made with thread at all. As the name suggests, they are actually made via printing directly onto the fabric. This gives you a photo-realistic, high-fidelity design. Our customized printed patches are a little more expensive than our customized woven patches, but still very affordable, at 200 patches from $0.97 each.

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Which Type of Patch Should I Choose? 

Both woven patches and printed patches are equally great, but deciding which one to choose depends on your design. Woven patches are better suited for highly-detailed designs, and are best used if you plan to sew patches yourself onto your merch (if you’re a retailer) or if you’re a private consumer looking to apply patches to your own clothes—instead of selling or using the patch on it’s own.

Printed patches are ideal for depicting photos, and capturing fine-scale gradients and other high-resolution details. Keep in mind that these patches are much thinner than embroidered patches and allow for unlimited color options. If you’re trying to capture the magic of a photograph in a patch—such as a photo of a family member or loved one to give as a gift—printed patches will give you the most accurate depiction. 

Still Unsure? 

If you are still unsure about which patch you should use, please contact one of our Creative Specialists using the “Chat with Us” box on our homepage. These talented in-house designers can look at your design and tell you whether custom-made woven patches or custom-made printed patches are best for your design.


If you don’t have a design at all, that’s not a problem! Our in-house design team can create a design for you based on your ideas and vision. At that point, they can tell you which patch style will work best. If you already have a design—or just want to poke around and learn more about how you can make custom patches with The/Studio—then go ahead and click the link below. It’ll take you to our digital studio (we call it the “Create Tool”) where you can begin crafting your custom woven and/or printed patches immediately!

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