Custom Embroidered Adhesive Patch

Are you considering giving out embroidered patches as a promotional item?  Or do you want people to be able to easily adhere your logo to their clothing or even furniture?  The solution is our adhesive patches, which we only charge an additional 10% for.

Our adhesive patches use an adhesive that is slightly stronger than your average sticker.  It will allow people to temporarily adhere your patch to their clothing, and it allows people to basically permanently adhere your patches to hard surfaces such as a computer or furniture.

Our adhesive patches are great for you to pass out to your customer’s as promotional products because it will encourage your customers to affix the patches to their clothing or furniture which will provide you with amazing exposure.  The great thing about adhesive patches is that even after the adhesion has worn off, your customer can sew the patch onto their clothes or keep it as a collectors memento.

Adhesive patches are also great for events in which there is no time to sew on the patches or when it is either not cost effective nor desirable to sew the patches onto the garment.  Our adhesive is stronger than a normal sticker, which is why even high soccer teams, softball teams and even basketball teams have used this option in tournaments, where players need special identification and sewing or printing on this identification is for whatever reason not ideals.

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