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Everything You Need to Know About Your Custom Product Hang Tag

Secret Menu at The/Studio

The/Studio is “officially” releasing many new products this year.  These are products we have produced for customers in the past, but have not included them on our website or advertised them being available.  Kind of like the secret menu at In and Out Burgers.  Some people know about it, but not everybody.

Secret menu

Introducing Product Hang Tags by The/Studio

One of the new products that is officially being released will be hang tags.  Hang tags are of course those items that are attached to the clothing you purchase.  Usually it has the company logo on one side and cost and additional information on the other.

Hang tags

Hang tags are very important for manufacturers.  Very few items offered in retail do not include a hang tag. Hang tags are also important because it is an important marketing tool as well.

Hang tags attract attention and a lot of times make the difference between a person purchasing the product.

Like all marketing, hang tag marketing is like a science. You have to do it right to get results.

 Hang Tag Strategies

Here are some hang tag marketing strategies you can employ to utilize hang tag marketing to its fullest.

The first thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple…  Basically, your hang tag should attract attention, tell a story and project an image. It should build brand recognition so that once a customer sees one of your hang tags; they associate its image to your product. Your hang tag should answer one very important question.

– Who is your company and what is it all about?

Hang tags are also used to add value.  You could perforate your hang tag to make it into a coupon for the next purchase, use a perforated hang tag for up sell offers, or for surveys to be returned. 

Bigger is better!  Large hang tags are difficult to ignore, so go big whenever possible. However, consider where your products are displayed to determine the best size. For instance, if your hang tag is too big on a lite weight materiel, like t-shirts, they could possibly get caught on the rack and tear the garment.  If you want to put more information, but wish to decrease the size you can design a hang tag that folds to make it smaller.

Professional retailers understand the power of hang tags for reinforcing their brand and adding a professional touch. Get your logo on your hang tags. No other image best signifies your company’s brand like your logo. Your hang tag should attract your prospect to the product not distract them from the actual product.

Also, if your hang tag is for a sale or discount make sure and use big numbers to grab someone’s attention from far away.

 Start Moving your Product

Hang tags are a wonderful, cost effective way to help sell and market your product. The right design and the right message on hang tags is a sure way to start moving your product.




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