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What Do You Need to Make Embroidered Patches?


Making custom embroidered patches isn’t hard, but if you want to have a high-quality finished product, there are some things you should know.

custom embroidered patches

You can buy cool patches at festivals, museums, retail stores, and many other destinations, but there’s nothing quite like making your own patches. 

Whether you’re a retailer looking to design unique patches, a member of a club or organization looking to give your members an identifying emblem, or simply an individual looking to accessorize… Making your own custom embroidered patches is a great way to do it! So…

What Do YOU Need to Make Embroidered Patches?

We offer seven different styles of patches, but embroidered patches are by far our most popular patch style. Made with fabric backing and textured threading, this iconic patch type results in thick patches that look and feel high-quality and can support designs with more than nine colors!

So, you’ll need a few things to get started making your own embroidered patches. To begin, you NEED a design, or at least a concept in mind. If you don’t have a design, with many other patch-making companies you’d be out of luck. But at The/Studio, you can work with one of our talented Creative Specialists for FREE to make your design come to life. You don’t need a drawing or any artwork in advance. You just need an idea or concept in mind, to give the Creative Specialist something to work with.

Also, you NEED to resist the urge to DIY! Making your own patches is an amazing process, but the actual patch crafting process is best left to the professionals. Design the patch yourself, then let a professional company like The/Studio make the patch for you. It’s the best of both worlds! So, you NEED to research to find an amazing patch company. Not all patch companies are created equal, but if you spend a bit of time searching the web, we wholeheartedly believe you’ll find that The/Studio offers quality, pricing, and customization that completely outdoes anyone else on the market. 

Once you have a design and find your company, you NEED a little spending money. Patches are reasonably cheap, as far as custom merch goes, but making quality patches still costs money. Beware of sites that offer rock-bottom prices… This is a sign that the patch won’t be quality, and likely will degrade after only a few months of wear. 

What Does a COMPANY Need to Make Embroidered Patches?

Remember, it’s not all about what YOU need. The company you choose needs to fit the bill, too. For starters, they NEED to offer a variety of special options to really create a truly customized embroidered patch. 

They NEED to use a high-quality embroidery machine to create their patches, like the Tajima (which we use). If they aren’t using a high-quality machine, you might as well DIY the patches yourself.

The company NEEDS to offer great customer service, with a wealth of knowledge about embroidered patches. Remember, you might have many questions about your custom embroidered patches, so you need a company that can answer all of those questions accurately. 

The company NEEDS to have a tracking system in place, so that you can be updated on the status of your order at all times throughout the process. If you plan on selling your patches, whether e-commerce or brick-and-mortar, you have to be kept in the loop regarding the timetable! 

The/Studio NEEDS to Work With You 

We are the perfect company for your embroidered patch project, and we’re confident you’ll realize that once you start the process. No one else can offer the same blend of industry-leading expertise, rapid shipping, low MOQs, competitive pricing, high quality, and endless customization. 

Contact one of our Creative Specialists or use our intuitive Create Tool to get your embroidered patches made today! 

If you still have questions, read through our FAQs about embroidered patches before you get started. We’ve made thousands of patches for thousands of creators, so chances are if you have a question, someone else has had that question answered before!

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